blue bicycle…


vintage blue schwinn

The last thing I need is another bicycle, but I’ve been really tempted to keep this pretty for my collection. Living with a vintage bicycle restorer, I see my fair share of two-wheeled beauts, not to mention we are up to our eyeballs in ride-ables and parts. Every so often I get a greedy bone that just makes me want to keep another one for myself, like this find, a ’65 Schwinn American that has been cleaned and tuned up to perfection.

h&m diamond dress

dress- friend hand-me-down (originally H&M)
scarf- thrifted
sandals- thrifted vintage
owl bracelet- gift from my friend Sara :)
necklace- homemade

paper plane spyglass necklace

Are these dance moves? Who knows…

h&m diamond dress

We’ll probably being saying teary goodbyes soon, but in the meantime I will be riding her around the ‘hood as if she were my own…

Our home of two collectors will never be featured on any minimal design blogs! :) Are you in danger of collections taking over your house??

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25 Responses to blue bicycle…

  1. Bekuh says:

    That bike is a beaut, I’m in the process of restoring an old Schwinn myself and hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks. As always you’re adorable.

  2. carly says:

    It is truly perfect…no wonder you want to keep it! I would too!

  3. Jesse says:

    ah what a beautiful bike! looks so cute with your outfit, too! and yes…i am in danger of so many collections taking over our tiny one-bedroom apartment. it is rough.

    your breaking bad comment on my post made me happy! love finding new enthusiasts! we don’t have cable right now so we’ll have to wait until it’s online to watch…that’s gonna be rough, too.

    • lalafauxbois says:

      I’m in the same boat- I don’t have cable either! And I have to avoid Twitter each night after it’s over, too many teasers and spoilers :)

  4. Holy Crap! What a great find! She’s a beaut! When are you parting with her? I want!! Not like I can afford a new bike right now anyway, but a girl can dream, right??

  5. Megan says:

    That bike is lovely! And the print on your dress is too cute.

  6. Cara-Mia says:

    That is indeed a beautiful bike!

    I’m the only collector here. My husband would love a more minimal space, but with my collections in a one bedroom apartment, that just isn’t going to happen. I’m lucky he’s nice. :)

    • lalafauxbois says:

      You are lucky, a lot of minimalists go crazy with collectors! And that means more room for your stuff since he doesn’t have much :)

  7. Jessica L says:

    OH, everything about these photos is so adorable and, yes, that includes you! I now want a bike like yours (and I already have one, mind you)! And does your vintage bicycle restorer want to sell me a bike just like that??!!! LOL -Jessica


  8. Aarika says:

    Your hair looks super cute!! :)

  9. Meg says:

    I love that dress! I actually bought the same one for myself for my birthday celebration (21!) while studying abroad in London. I don’t know what ever happened to it, but I was so happy to see it again on YOU!

    Also, that bike is amazing. I don’t collect things like bikes (or really anything useful) but boy do I have lots of collections!

    • lalafauxbois says:

      That’s funny! My friend got it 2nd hand in Cali. and then gave it to me, so it’s been around awhile :)

  10. Amanda says:

    What an absolutely adorable bike! It would be hard to get rid of that one for sure! I am in love with your dress too, so incredible cute!

  11. Jenn says:

    What a cute little necklace. I love making jewelry from found objects! Also, I love your vintage sandals… looks like the perfect outfit for a bike ride!

  12. Miki says:

    What an awesome bike, Lisa! Keep it! Keep it! Haha! :P

    Hey, do you know what? Today, I finally plucked up the courage to put on my bathing suit and headed to the pool in our complex and swam! After 20 years! It was so much fun! First, I checked it was empty, of course; but well, baby steps, right? ;) Thank you for encouraging me to do it! ;)

    Happy midweek, sweet Lisa!

  13. Marisa says:

    You lucky lucky gal:) That bike is a beauty, that’s for sure! I still have my middle school bike – a Huffy mountain bike with black and grey paint splotches and purple accents…hahaha….super embarrassing, but it’s gets me around! I would nearly die for one like this.

    That dress was made for you – love it! And that little scarf, don’t’ get me started. Too adorable. I swear those are such an important accessory to get one through the summer looking cute amidst the sweat:)

  14. Sadie says:

    YES! I am totally in danger, and that is a fact. I hate to part with beautiful things, but sometimes- it just has to happen! I can totally see how devastating it will be to part with that bike.

  15. Arielle says:

    I don’t even care if my collections overtake my house. The other day someone came over and said “What’s with all the suitcases?”
    I just said “Shutup”.
    That bike is awesome! I’d want to keep it too. That’s cool that you get to see so many. My dad and I are going to restore these 2 old bikes but they’re in rough shape so it’ll take awhile.

  16. ting says:

    Lovely blog! and cute outfit!

  17. what a nice friend to give you that dress! I remember when that was in the stores & wanting to buy it, it fits you like a glove, super cute w/ those sandals too, which are pretty much my sandal thrifting dream. I didn’t know brian restores vintage bikes, that’s awesome! if you ever come across an extra fork please let me know, even the bike shops can’t find one for my Mexican bike that broke.

  18. Jenna says:

    LOVE! Love that you match perfectly to the bike and the bike is pretty sweet. I’d keep it…but then again I have problems letting go of everything!!

    You look adorable and the scarf-do is too damn cute!


  19. Kira says:

    Lol, if by “collections” you mean “junk,” then yes, it is taking over my house. And I move in four weeks, ahh!

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