an outfit with secrets…


Confession: This is what I was actually wearing last week on the day I restyled this dress. That dress hasn’t actually left the house yet, and yes, I took pictures for two outfit posts on one day. My excuse is limited time with my photographer and my aversion to using a tripod…

maiden braids saltwater sandals

Since starting the 2nd hand pledge, I realized I was lacking some simple flat sandals- which sounds ridiculous if you see the amount of shoes in my closet. I was scouring the t-stores to no avail, but finally found this pair of Saltwater sandals, second hand on ebay.

Another confession: This outfit is full of secrets. The tank top is a body suit and the skirt is actually shorts under pseudo skirt flaps. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone that I could actually do cartwheels in this outfit- if I could still do cartwheels.

I think I have Olympic gymnastics on the brain.

maiden braids

(Next time I’m taking close-up pics of my hair, I will make sure I’m wearing cuter bobby pins…)

saltwater sandals map necklace
tank: hand-me-down
skirt: thrifted
Saltwater sandals: ebay
map necklace: local crafter

So there you have it, a simple summer outfit full of second hand finds. Today I’m off from work and have lots of plans to be productive- we’ll see how that goes. I love having a day off mid-week to get things done! Hope you’re having a good week so far- can you believe we’re half way to the weekend already? :)

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15 Responses to an outfit with secrets…

  1. cb says:

    i love when outfits are all second hand! it feels much better then a entire target outfit which i have done but the jacket was thrifted :) i want a pair of saltwater sandles maybe ebay is a great way to get a pair!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful like this (bobby pins and all)! I want saltwater sandals so bad!! I’m going to head on over to ebay and see what they have in my size!

  3. Bekuh says:

    You are always so stinking adorable! I love this outfit, and all of its secrets make me smile. I have bobby pin issues all the time in photos too! Glad I’m not alone in that. You’re awesome the end.

  4. Cara-Mia says:

    Such a cute outfit! And I love your hair do. :)

  5. Meanz says:

    Love this outfit and how it’s full of secrets! I mean it already looks comfortable, but that’s awesome! I would have never guessed any of those thing and your hair does look cute!

  6. Erin says:

    I love the braid crown! And I totally understand wanting to take as many outfits as you can while you have your photographer there! Taking photos with a remote is awwwkward.

  7. Amanda A says:

    So, sandal twin, we now have the exact same sandals ( mine are navy too) and we both got them second-hand off of e-bay! Yeah! And I am a HUGE fan of the skort, when you can’t tell! So so amazing for biking!! Also, how did you do that to your hair? I would have no idea how to start…xoxoxoxox

  8. Jupe says:

    This has such a cute nautical vibe! And I love that it’s really a bodysuit and shorts :D I am pretty much forced to take self-timer pics…I envy you the option of a photographer! Your posts look absolutely stellar and I love your fun writing and great taste :)

    Following you!

    <3 Cambria

  9. Jenn says:

    I am in love with your hair!! You are so talented to be able to make a braid like that! (my hair is too short to even try) Also, I love your striped top. Stripes & polka dots are definitely my favorite prints!

  10. It’s not seudo skirt flaps it’s a SKORT!! hip hip horray, perfect for bike rids! although really, what’s the deal about flashing our undies, same as a swimsuit, well hopefully if there’s a flash warning… anywho, you look adorable! love your hair like that & love this casual look : )

  11. Sadie says:

    I so love this outfit! The colors are perfect, and the skorts look so tailored and chic. Very flattering for you!

  12. ryan says:

    I like your hair! I’m inspired to see if there are any thrift treasures to be found in San Diego!

  13. Miki says:

    Love this outfit, Lisa! And I need to google what a cartwheel is, because it sounds like something I don’t think it is, haha.

    Hugs! ;)

  14. Barnicles says:

    congrats about the saltwater sandals! they are lush. I’ve wanted a pair for ages

    your hair is super amazing too! so pretty whatever hair clips you use

    Barnicles x

  15. Arielle says:

    I can NEVER hide bobby pins. EVER.
    What a sneaky outfit. Perfect for the Olympics.

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