a vintage dress re-style…


Okay, I’m about to share a before and after of a vintage dress I restyled. Remember, before pictures are supposed to be frumpy and apparently I spilled water on myself for an added frump factor.

vintage dress restyle before and after

I found this dress a couple months ago and an estate sale. The lady had a bunch of vintage clothes my size, a lot of them were works in progress as she was also big into sewing. I loved the colors and pattern mixing of this dress and overall it was the right size, but the sleeves were ill-fitting and I felt the length was unflattering for the style.

I ripped off the sleeves and sewed the edges to make it a tank dress, which makes it a perfect for summer since it’s also cotton. I also hemmed it up a few inches. I can’t take credit for the tie belt, that came with it but I forgot to put it on for the before picture.

vintage dress restyle
modcloth russian doll necklace

vintage dress: estate sale
necklace: Modcloth- last spring
vintage shoes: thrifted

These were pretty simple changes but made it a more wearable dress for my style!

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18 Responses to a vintage dress re-style…

  1. Cuuute, Lisa! I really like the shorter length. It looks great sleeveless.

  2. Miki says:

    Oh, Lisa! You’re so talented! I so want to learn how to sew! The dress now looks completely different and flattering, great job! ;D

  3. Crissy says:

    :O It’s a lovely restyle! I love the shorter length. Very flattering!

  4. cb says:

    so cute. i love the combo of patterns too. i would have loved to have gone to that estate sale!

  5. adorable! great work!

  6. Erin Dawn says:

    I love what you did with this! This reminds me I have a few dresses that need sprucing up. Kudos!

  7. this is pretty amazing girl! I wish I knew how to sew so I could do things like this, and I love that necklace.

  8. Jenn says:

    That looks amazing! Good job!

  9. I love it! I would have thought to do one thing to this dress, not ALL OF THIS. It looks fantastic.

  10. Arielle says:

    Ah! You did such a good job! It looks great now. I love the colors and the bow tie. Very cute.

  11. Amanda A says:

    Oh my god, girl! You did such a good job! That after photo is perfect!! I love it! This gal needs to learn how to sew pronto! It’s happening. I think I am asking for a sewing machine and classes for xmas. :) Nice work, love!

  12. Adorable! What a fun, fresh update.

  13. carly says:

    I love that you showed us the detail shots because the fact that it is stripes and polka dots make it that much cuter.

    I wish I had this kind of mindframe while thrifting but unfortunatley unless it’s already altered to fit me, I probably won’t do something crafty like this…or I’ll say I will and it’ll sit in my closet for awhile then I give it away, haha…

    This looks amazing on you! Love the necklace too.

  14. Marisa says:

    My goodness Lisa!!! What a beautiful job you did at restyling this little beauty. I love the two colors together – and the end result on you is just perfect! I am such a lazy bum about restyling my dresses. I have a pile about yay high in my room. Perhaps this was just the motivation I needed:)

    xo, Marisa

  15. Linn says:

    It’s super cute and fits you really well. I love what you’ve done with this dress. Agree that the length was unflattering for this particular dress, otherwise I’m a big fan of just above the knee-length skirts and dress.

  16. Renee says:

    What a beautiful dress! The colours look great on you. I wish we had estate sales here, they’re just not the norm, I love seeing all the things people find at them :)

  17. Meanz says:

    I adore this restyle!! I love the new dress. It looks amazing, I love how it’s sleeveless.

  18. aaah I LOVE this dress! Awesome job. Glad you got that 1st shot, the frumpyness gave me a giggle, although it’s not THAT frumpy your slight modifications made it perfect, hip and cute! amazing find on the shoes too.

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