a neglected dress…


I bought this vintage dress a few years ago but it doesn’t get much wear. It’s a wool dress and I live in the desert. We had a couple windy, rainy days earlier in the week so I decided to give it another chance.

vintage wool dress
I’ll be honest, it’s not super comfortable. It’s a little itchy and too short to wear without sweater tights or leggings. But I really think it’s super cute so even though it pretty much just hangs in the closet, I’m happy it’s mine.

vintage wool dress

I already own another pair rain boots but I couldn’t pass up this pair at a mega R.E.I. sale last weekend for only $5. Ummm, again, they don’t get much wear since I live in the desert.

r.e.i. rain boots

Let’s pretend I’m jumping in some giant puddles!

r.e.i. rain boots

Growing up in Oregon I kind of hated the rain, but I can enjoy it now that I know in a day or two it will be sunny again :)

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11 Responses to a neglected dress…

  1. Kat says:

    Just wanted to let you know I tagged you in a meme on my blog today.

  2. Amanda A says:

    Very cute! OK, because of your insistence I might have to get those coral shoes. Thanks for the “push.” Also, are you selling your cowls and such on ebay? How do you like ebay vs. etsy? Love those rainboots, too! Just found a pair at DSW for $20 and I thought that was a steal! :)

    • lalafauxbois says:

      Yay for the shoes! I don’t think there’s much of a handmade market on ebay but every so often I decide to sell some clothes on there. It seems like the vintage sells pretty well though- you know all those crazies that don’t like to thrift :) I’ve even seen some stuff listed on ebay AND Etsy at the same time…

  3. Crissy says:

    Such a cute dress with the details on front.

    I have a few items that aren’t exactly wearable but are perfect just for pictures.

  4. carly says:

    Awesome jumping photo!! Also, I love that your rain boots have handles!

  5. Katie says:

    So cute! I love that dress mixed with the rain boots! And jumping pictures are my favorite!


  6. Miki says:

    Oh, that’s what happens with vintage fabrics. I have a few items which are itchy and too hot to wear. But this dress is adorable! ;) I’m glad you got to take it out of the closet and wear it ;).

    Have a great weekend, Lisa! ;D

  7. haha I also own two pairs of rainboots & a few wool things that never get much use either (namely my humongo wool poncho haha). but you look adorable & that dress really is a great find! have u tried wearing a super light longsleeve top under? I do that to help w/ wool sometimes.

  8. Marielle says:

    I like your dress a lot! I would love to have one like this!

  9. katherine says:

    this is adorable – i love the dress paired with the boots. i think sweater dresses just tend to be kind of itchy and uncomfortable unless they are cotton, which sucks, but this dress is so cute it’s probably worth it. i love your rain boots too.

    <3 katherine

  10. Jessa says:

    That dress is pure loveliness. But I feel your pain on the too short dress issue–I’m 6′ tall, so most dresses fall into this category. It’s tragic.

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