a day for applique…


vintage butterfly skirt

I love the bright colors and playful prints of these vintage wrap skirts and couldn’t resist adding another one to my collection. I love Isabelle’s blog and bought this skirt and another top from her vintage Etsy shop.

Not only does she have great style, but reading her blog just confirms my suspicions that I would love Montreal, a city high on my list of “must-sees”. (I don’t really count the night I went clubbing there as a 20 year old living in upstate New York, even though it introduced me to my love of vinegar on french fries… But I digress…)

vintage butterfly skirt

Wrecking your bike can make you feel like a kid again, knee scrapes and all!

vintage enamel brooch
vintage butterfly skirt

top & camera bag- thrifted
skirt- Etsy (Yeye)
necklace & brooch- yard sale finds by my Grandma
shoes- ASOS (last year)
sunnies- Target
asos shoes

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your plans for the weekends? Tomorrow is Brian’s birthday (yay! I love birthdays!), so we have some fun plans ahead…

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14 Responses to a day for applique…

  1. Jessa says:

    I love that brooch! Grandma done good.

  2. Miki says:

    Awe, what a beautiful skirt! And shirt! And shoes! :p Love turquoise.

    Oh, so lived in New York, too? I SO want to go visit one day :).

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, Lisa! And thanks again for your sweet comment :D.


  3. Izzy says:

    Thanks for the shout out girl, I am glad u like the skirt and top, let me know if u ever come visit ;)

  4. Gina says:

    What a cute outfit! I really enjoyed this combination of clothing.

  5. chantilly says:

    i LOVE this outfit. i’m like, drooling over everything about it, including but not limited to: the skirt/ appliques, your tiny little daisies brooch, your adorable mary janes. x

  6. Suzanne says:

    Such a happy outfit! I love it all. And I’m more than a little jealous that you can wear such “summery” pretties already. I’m in a sweatshirt right now, BRR. :)

  7. Kait says:

    eep! I absolutely love this outfit!I just love the colour of the skirt.

  8. Amanda A says:

    Yay! We are totally daisy brooch twins! :) Love that skirt, and the whole outfit lady. I am a sucker for anything butterflies, especially. I am heading now to check out her blog/shop! Have a wonderful day! It’s sunny, warm, and beautiful today in Minneapolis. About time! :) xoxo

  9. Amy says:

    This is maaaaybe one of my favorite outfits ever!! So cute.

  10. Suki says:

    I adore this outfit! It’s so cute the way your sunglasses, brooch and appliqué turn it into something really special. I love me a bit of appliqué… am about to start customising/brightening up some cheap clothes I bought!

  11. two birds says:

    there are so many great things about this outfit, the shoes and that beautiful skirt being just two! i love it all paired together. and i love vinegar on fries, too!!

  12. i love your shoes! absolutely cute! :D

    love, polly

  13. Dus says:

    so fun to learn you lived in upstate NY! I’ve always wanted to see that part of the country. you look fantastic in that adorable skirt! Love that u didn’t just pair it w/ a black/white top (my defaults) too. great finds on that versatile top & cute camera bag too!! & aaah happy late birthday to Brian! hope you two had wonderful celebrations!

  14. I love this look! That skirt is amazing, and so are the shoes! I love your updo too!

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