Happy Hour- Lemon Drop Martini


I love to try new cocktail recipes and, like with food, quality ingredients are mandatory!  Winter in Arizona yields an abundance of citrus so they usually make their way into my drinks.  This year our Charlie Brown lemon tree gave us about, um… 10 lemons (to be fair, it’s only a year old), so what better way to use them than in a drink, right?  I was on a quest for the perfect Lemon Drop Martini after scoring some martini glasses on a thrifting trip, and after trying many different concoctions, this is what I settled on:

1.5 oz Vodka  –I chose Tito’s because I’m a sucker for anything handmade :)

.5 oz Cointreau

1 oz lemon juice  –this is a rough measurement, I use the juice of one fresh lemon

superfine sugar

agave syrup (optional)

Use the superfine sugar to give your glass a sugar rim.  If you plan ahead, you can even chill your glass which is a nice touch when drinks aren’t served on the rocks.  Combine the vodka, cointreau, lemon juice, and a squeeze of agave (or about a teaspoon of superfine sugar) with ice in a martini shaker.  Strain into glass.  I should mention that I like my citrus drinks on the tart side so you can sample before straining and add a little extra sweetness if you like.  Cheers!


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2 Responses to Happy Hour- Lemon Drop Martini

  1. Sarah says:

    This sounds yummy! I’ll definitely have to try it.

  2. Adrienne Campbell says:

    150 lemons, 2 large bottles of vodka and three months waiting– Lemoncello.

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