Beans & Harvest Grains Salad


I’ve been making a lot of variations on this salad lately because it’s yummy and super easy to modify based on what you have. This is more of a *guideline* than a recipe. I use the Harvest Grains blend from Trader Joe’s but again, you can substitute!

bean and grain salad

Mix these ingredients and add a couple teaspoons of, vinegar (I used apple cider) & salt to taste. Scoop onto a bed of chopped cabbage, or greens of choice. I added salsa, avocado, and a handful of salty roasted sunflower seeds from the bulk bins. Brian added a little ranch dressing to his which was tasty too!

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  1. mmm this looks tasty as well & what a pretty-looking meal. sounds like you’re having lots of healthy yummy meals lately, nice job!

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