unicorn party hats…


unicorn party hats
Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to ride a unicorn at some point in our lives. Maybe you’ve even wanted to BE a unicorn. My friend Sara loves her some unicorns so for her birthday party it seemed fitting for us to all don fancy hats. These were pretty simple to make and look pretty darn good on adults and kids.

unicorn party hat tutorial

Supplies Needed:

unicorn party hats

First download this nifty cone pattern PDF and cut out your pieces.

Next you want to glue one end of the gold cord to the pointed end of the cardstock, on what will be the inside of the cone. It’s easiest to do this before you roll it up so that you roll it tight around the cord.

Now roll up the paper into a cone shape and hot glue it to seal. The bottom diameter will be about 2″. Hold it together until the glue has a chance to set.

Time to decorate! Now you want to spiral the cord around the cone, hot gluing it every couple inches as you go. Leave about an inch at the end to glue inside the hat.

Lastly, glue or staple your hat elastic onto the hat. Do your best unicorn poses and feel fancy all night! :)

josh unicorn party hat

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6 Responses to unicorn party hats…

  1. Bree says:

    I love, love your unicorn hats! Such a fun idea…I think there might be some unicorns appearing in the SE Alaska rainforest soon. xxxx

  2. MoMo says:

    Holy crap! I love, love, looooove this idea.

  3. Hidi says:

    My daughter wants a unicorn birthday party, so these should be perfect. I jsut hope mine turn out as cool!!

  4. KAYCEE says:

    Thanks for such a cool idea! I will make these for my 5 yr old daughter’s unicorn ice skating party!

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