the perfect clock


One thing that is totally awesome about Brian is that he’s super creative and is a DIY champion around the house. He restyled this thrifted clock for my birthday that combines so many elements that I love– 60’s style, woodgrain, airplanes, maps, and HANDMADE all into one sweet gift.

screen printed airplane clock

You can’t tell the dimension from the picture but it’s a shadowbox with the numbers painted on the clear plastic front and the clock mechanism is a few inches behind. He replaced the back with a map of Oregon (where I’m from) that he screen printed with an airplane design we made together earlier this summer.

Unfortunately there are no before pictures and although I’m sure the original was pretty cool, it can’t beat the personalized touch it now has!

And yes… my kitchen really is that green :)

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  1. MoMo says:

    That is SUCH an amazing and sweet gift! So thoughtful! Totally jealous.

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