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I completed my first photo challenge! I posted them all on Instagram (@lalafauxbois) so if you follow me on there, these are repeats for you :) Most of the photos were taken with my iphone, some with my Canon, but all were edited with Instagram filters.

The daily themes helped me take a look at little things around me and some days were more challenging than others. I also learned over the course of the month to take the photos with my iphone camera as opposed to the one in the Instagram app, for more clarity. Some of them I put through the Photoshop Express app as well.

instagram #JANphotoaday photo challenge
1. Me
2. Breakfast
3. Something I adore
4. Letterbox
5. Something I wore
6. Makes me smile
7. Favorite
8. My sky
9. Daily routine

instagram #JANphotoaday photo challenge

10. Childhood
11. Where I sleep
12. Close-up
13. In my bag
14. Something I’m reading
15. Happiness
16. Morning
17. Water
18. Something I bought

instagram #JANphotoaday photo challenge

19. Sweet
20. Someone I love
21. Reflection
22. Shoes
23. Something old
24. Guilty Pleasure
25. Something I made
26. Color
27. Lunch

instagram #JANphotoaday photo challenge

28. Light
29. Inside my fridge
30. Nature
31. Me, again

This month I’m continuing the Instagram challenge with the February Photo Skill. The daily prompts complement what I’m learning in art class this semester so I thought it would be really good practice for me.

instafame photo challenge

I’m still going on my 365 project, the most difficult aspect is staying up to date on uploading to Flickr. I plan to use some of Adrian’s photo challenge themes to keep me inspired throughout the month!

How are your photo challenges going? Tell me I’m not the only one lazy with post-production! :)

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6 Responses to photo challenge update…

  1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you are going to use some of my these to keep you inspired! :)

  2. Miki says:

    I love the very first and last photos! they’re amazing :).

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. chantilly says:

    oooh, you have urban ears too? i have a pair in that same color, i think :) you look cute in them :) x

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