mini hat D.I.Y.


mini hat with bird

I have a big crush on mini-hats. There’s just something adorably hilarious about a mis-proportioned topper. I got pretty darn excited to attend a wedding where hats were not only accepted, but encouraged, and knew exactly what I was going to make. You can find funny little hats to embellish at most costume and party stores, making this the perfect time of year to stock up.

mini hat D.I.Y.
Supplies Needed:

I bought a bunch of these mini plastic top hats for $1 each. Remove any stickers and give it a quick wipe down before adding a couple coats of spray paint in your shade of choice. Even if you want it black, it’s good to give it a spray of paint to give it more of a matte finish versus the original plastic sheen. I went with a pale yellow.
yellow spray paint

Next I used a hot glue gun to attach a lace and then green ric rak. I just put a dab of glue every couple inches to keep it in place with out saturating the trim.

Cut a little square of felt and arrange your feathers. When you find the placement you like, adhere them to the felt with drops of hot glue. Hold your hat where you will wear it on your head to decide where you want to place the feathers, and glue the back of the felt to the hat. Set your bird on the hat before adhering to find the flat spots to glue.

Finally, glue on your clips or headband and let dry.

put a bird on it

I would love to see pictures if you make a mini hat!

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4 Responses to mini hat D.I.Y.

  1. Kat says:

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial! It is so cute. i might make one for Melbourne Cup this year.

  2. Miki says:

    Hi, Lisa! I love this mini hat! So cute and you totally rock it! ;) Thanks a lot for your comment! ;) Hope you have a great weekend! ;D


  3. andrea says:

    I LOVE mini hats–what a great tutorial!

  4. B says:

    Question: If you have an exceptionally large head, is trying to pass off a regular hat as a mini acceptable?

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