did I hear a niner in there?


I haven’t had much time for crafting lately so I thought I would show a school project, to prove to myself I still make stuff. I’m taking a 2-D design class this semester, it’s a non-computer class required in the graphic design program I’m in.

A recent project was to make a book with expressing unity in design. The parameters were to choose an object, draw at least 50 images of or relating to the object, and make some sort of cover that ties into the object. In case you ever doubted my love of airplanes… I chose an airplane. An Air Canada jet I happen to have lying around.

air canada jet

I’m not the best drawer. In fact, I really can’t draw, which is a total bummer. I can’t make anything look 3-d to save my life. Well, I can draw a cube so I guess that’s a lie. I have a growing collection of atlases so I did my drawings on pages of them to unify the planes with travel.

airplane runway 8
air canada jet

The cover is made with aluminum sheets with a spray painted airplane modeled after the airport road signs. I enlisted help with the power tool portion of the project, Brian drilled holes in the aluminum and put rivets to model an actual airplane’s construction. It’s held together with steel cable.

airplane bookbrian with a drill

airplane book
Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, but I may tear out some of the more embarrassing drawings inside :)

Signing off…

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4 Responses to did I hear a niner in there?

  1. Suzanne says:

    Lisa, this is so cool! I think using the atlas as your backdrop adds so much personality. & I didn’t know about your love of airplanes! :)

    You should post more about your projects, I’m totally intrigued.

  2. Not a good drawer? Those look fantastic to me!! I love how you made the cover too- so sweet of your man to help you w/ the hinges too!

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