Christmas Decorating…


The last few years I’ve had an internal debate between getting a real tree and a fake tree. I went back and forth with myself until it was too late and we just put up a few strands of lights and some haphazard ornaments. Sometimes I make a decision harder than it needs to be :) I thought about the environmental impact of both, the kitty appeal, and of course foregoing the wonderful smell of pine for the pretty of kitsch. This year we finally made the leap and bought a fake white tree, and I’m totally in love with it!
white christmas tree

Brian thrifted the folksy Christmas wall hanging last week and I love it! We’ve had this mini fake green tree for awhile and it’s decorated with ornaments we painted a few years ago.

airplane ornament white tree
owl ornament
cat stocking
I was inspired by the yarn wrapped wreaths and trees made by Elycia, Alycia, Jenna, and Alli and decided to make my own. The yarn was all thrifted acrylic just waiting to be used in a project like this.

yarn wrapped wreathyarn wrapped treesyarn wrapped trees

This year Christmas will be at our house and I’m happy our home will be decorated. It definitely isn’t magazine worthy, but the kitschy pops of color are making me happy…

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9 Responses to Christmas Decorating…

  1. Jenna says:

    Ahhh! So cute! I love your white tree…I wanted to change out our fake-o green tree with a just as fake white tree but it wasn’t in the budget. Yours looks great and the wreath is so so adorable! I love all the different yarn colors you chose. Your yarn trees are great too! I love it all : ) (PS – my cats have destroyed the tree since we put it up!)

    • lalafauxbois says:

      Thank you and I got the yarn tree inspiration from you so thanks for that! ;) My kitties have surprisingly stayed away… mysterious…

  2. Sara says:

    Love your blog! I’m pretty sure I have the same Christmas tree, nothing better than a white tree!

  3. Yara Simón says:

    I love your white tree. Seriously, I need to get one of those next year.

  4. Mandi says:

    White trees are really growing on me, especially with brightly colored ornaments like you used. Your decorations are super pretty!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Adorable. :) Love the tree, and that wall hanging is awesome!! Maybe I should go thrifting today..

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