worm pie & other spookiness…


Like many grown-ups, we celebrated Halloween Saturday night at the Second Annual Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, hosted by my good friends, Sara and Jon. I went as a girl scout in a vintage scout dress I thrifted last spring. The sash was giving to me by a friend’s mom, it was hers from the 60’s, and the hat belonged to my great-grandmother.
vintage girl scout
Forget the cookies, I was serving up Blood Worm Pie! It was basically a giant raspberry jello shot with gummy worms added when it was about 1/2 way set. Man, those worms reallllly soaked up the alcohol!

I’m not the only cat lover in this house, and Brian managed to totally freak out our real life kitties with his costume…
brian cat costume

I didn’t get too many good photos from the night, but here’s a slightly blurry one of The 1%
the one percent 1%

Have a Happy Halloween! And, in lieu of candy I will give you a picture of Mo in his business cat attire from a couple years ago. Which reminds me, if you haven’t read this hilarious Halloween post, you should do that right now!
business cat
I will leave you with a picture of me as Raggedy Ann. Man I wish I had those curtains!
raggedy ann costume

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6 Responses to worm pie & other spookiness…

  1. Love your costume! And the worm pie looks gruesome.


  2. MoMo says:

    OMG! I love Brian’s get-up. I wish I could convince my boyfriend to dress up like that! You look super duper cute as well, girl! Happy Halloween!

  3. Nina says:

    Love your costume idea :) such a nice change from the 3.8 million Jersey Shore/Kardashians/sexy nurses haha.
    And yay for being in Phoenix too and double yay for weather that’s finally starting to cool down :)


    • lalafauxbois says:

      Yes! I’m so excited it’s cooling down! Living by ASU I get to see a lot of those costumes and they drive me CRAZY! :)

  4. Cheryl says:

    great costume! ive secretly always wanted to go as a girl scout because as a girl i always loved the patches! :)

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