Tuesday Tunes: New Order


It’s about time for one of my favorite bands of all time to be on Tuesday Tunes.

I could listen to Temptation on repeat 100 times in a row. I first became obsessed with this song after seeing Trainspotting in the theater and rushing out to buy the soundtrack. It was the summer of ’96 and I was driving around with my future roommate looking for our first ever house to rent. We went to the movies to beat a hot day of driving around Eugene with no AC. We signed a lease on one of the crappiest houses ever but that totally didn’t matter- it was our first place and it was a fun year :)

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3 Responses to Tuesday Tunes: New Order

  1. Alexandra says:

    Love New Order! Temptation, Age of Consent, and Ceremony make me want to run out into a big field or go on a road trip or ride a horse galloping into the sun :)

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