Tuesday Tunes: Le Tigre


I think I’ve mastered the art of productive procrastination. You know, when there’s one looming task but you do a bunch of other things to avoid it? I guess it’s better than laying-on-the-couch procrastination, but still…

I need to make a resume and it’s been hanging over my head for WEEKS. Last Sunday I was going to get down to business, but instead I decided to tackle my alterations pile. I was able to add 7 dresses, a shirt, a skirt, and a bikini top into my wardrobe, and I learned how to replace an invisible zipper. But still no resume.

Last week, while lacking inspiration for a school project, I organized all my computer files, thumb drives, and external hard drive. I don’t know, maybe this type of procrastination isn’t such a bad thing…

Here’s some Le Tigre to help motivate you today, music is the best for that!

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6 Responses to Tuesday Tunes: Le Tigre

  1. Wow, 7 dresses, a shirt, a skirt, a bikini top and computer is all in order…I’d say it was worth it :) but then again, a resume is pretty important!

    (oh, and if you see in your stats that I’m hanging out on this page for a bit, it’s because I’m listening to some more Kathleen :)

  2. Dus says:

    I LOVE your Tuesday tunes because they so often are awesome groups I used to listen to all the time and somehow forgot!! thanks! and wow, I am SO impressed w/ all your alterations. I dont know how to any sort of zipper & that is just a ton of things. did you make a bikini top? also, does your college have a career center? sometimes i’ll go to mine for help on my resume for the sole reason of getting motivated to update it.

    • lalafauxbois says:

      Haha- I think that happens when you get old, you listen to a lot of your old favorite tunes all the time ;) I didn’t make the bikini top, it was a vintage one that the straps were too big. I hadn’t done anything with a zipper in a long time, I just looked at how it was sewn in as I ripped it out and just went for it. Better than paying the $30 they said it’d be at the alterations shop!! Thanks for the career center tip!

  3. Alyssa says:

    I start cleaning a ton when I procrastinate!
    Good luck with resume’ creating! It can be fun if you decide to get creative with it!

  4. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    If you want me to look at your resume, I’d be happy to – just sayin! Wishing you a SUPER productive day. You can DO it! xoxo

  5. jorjiapeach says:

    i love everything about this. probably bc that video rules. andddd bc i can relate to your productivity in the midst of procrastination thing.

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