Tour de Fat, and then some…


Does Tour de Fat roll through your city?
tempe tour de fat
It’s pretty much my favorite day of the year in Tempe, a vaudevillian circus themed bike party full of performances, costumes, bands, and New Belgium beers. Plus it’s eco-friendly and the proceeds go to bicycle non-profits. The event kicks off with a bike parade where hundreds of people take over the streets, riding decked out cruisers, unicycles, and a bike with a functioning BBQ… to name a few.
bicycle barbecue bbqoliviatempe tour de fatbike coral tour de fattempe tour de fat

It was an action packed day as we also stopped by the first Phoenix Maker Faire to see some local inventors and have lunch at the food trucks.

downtown phoenix street artsara downtown phoenix

We wrapped up the night with a bar-owned version of Apples to Apples… (best game ever, BTW!)
apples to apples

I logged about 15 miles on the ol’ Schwinn and I think we showed that 100 degree day who was boss…

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6 Responses to Tour de Fat, and then some…

  1. Leah says:

    How fun!! I wanted to go but didn’t make it! Great post. :)

    Superstition Vintage

  2. MoMo says:

    Oh dang, this doesn’t come through my town! It looks super fun…..but than again, it looks/sounds like what everyday life in New Orleans is so I guess I won’t get to upset. Haha.
    Glad y’all had a great time!

  3. andrea says:

    just saw this on CityBirdsNest *along with yours, another favorite blog* and is again reminding me of the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins . . . also known as ‘heaven.’ what a great idea for a group ride! I am definitely checking out apples to apples. I have never heard of the game; where have my friends been?! xoxo

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