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I totally thought I was immune to the Ryan Gosling craze until I saw Handmade Ryan Gosling! It’s been floating around for about a week and a half now so I’m sure you’ve seen it but if not, it’s pretty awesome for us craft lovers. Thank you to Ashley of One in the Hand and her hilarious friends for creating this! I haven’t had much time for internet-ing (waaaay behind on blogs!), but Ryan was there for some quick reads :)

handmade ryan gosling
handmade ryan gosling

Oh, and Santa, if you are looking for a last minute gift for me, I sure would like a MacBook Pro…
mac book pro

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2 Responses to this and that…

  1. Miki says:

    He’s undeniably awesome! I totally fell for him after seeing Lars And The Real Girl.

    And, I wish I could give you that MacBook for Christmas, hehe :p.

    Happy Monday! :D


  2. chantilly says:

    oh god, i love this meme. it’s the “feminist ryan gosling,” but this is my fave-


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