the return of the friendship bracelet…


Wednesday night things got pretty crazy around here… I hosted a friendship bracelet making party and boy-oh-boy, it was wild! I’ve been seeing these bracelets pop up again, and began feeling nostalgic for the craft so I thought it would be fun to make bracelets and swap them at the end of the night.

friendship bracelet party

Friendship bracelets were my 2nd attempt at being a 5th grade entrepreneur, my first being a witty detective, a la my idol Nancy Drew. That didn’t go over so well as I got in trouble for going through a girls desk, but I had every reason as she was a suspect in The Case of the Missing Markers! However, the second business went under pretty quickly too, probably because I set my sights too low, only selling them for 25 cents.

Karla and Kellyconcentrating

We had lots of yummy snacks like homemade whoopie pies from Sam, and cheesy goodness brought to us by Cheez-Its, Doritos, and Goldfish. I made pumpkin cookies from Joy the Baker- I didn’t have the butterscotch chips so I substituted white chocolate. We sipped on Moscow Mules and sparkling wine to help the inspiration flow.

snacksjoy the baker pumpkin cookies

To get ready for the party I put out a bunch of embroidery floss, safety pins, measuring tapes, and scissors, and printed out some patterns.

friendship bracelets

It was a fun crafty night with friends and totally worth getting made fun of by boys for the idea, because I have an awesome bracelet now!

P.S… I kinda want to keep making more if anyone wants to swap!!

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4 Responses to the return of the friendship bracelet…

  1. Miki says:

    You girls seem to have had a great time! ;)

    Btw, I totally want the snacks, haha :p.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


  2. chantilly says:

    i think i had a couple attempts at trying to be a 5th grade entrepreneur, as well :) i distinctly remember trying to start some type of entertainment agency.

    this party looks like such a blast! nothing like time with the girls :)

  3. MoMo says:

    I’ve TOTALLY been wanting to make these! I’ll swap!!!

  4. Lilmendoza says:

    awwww such an awesome idea for a party! I totally remember pinning the top of friendship bracelets to my jeans and knotting away :)

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