the cat’s meow…


the cat's meow urban ears

This week’s internet round-up is a shorty- I’m still recovering from a weekend in Tucson. More on this later but…

We went to see John Hodgeman and he posted a polaroid Brian took of him & John Roderick on his Tumblr today!

Joy the Baker’s book release- I’m so excited for my copy to arrive!

Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky is a master of outfit photos with a tripod! As we all know, I am not… some really good info & pretty photos here

Another photography post I loved was Elsie’s 5 Tips for Lifestyle Photography

Holy cow! Did you see My Girl Thursday is giving away a tattoo?? I’m a scaredy cat, but you should go enter!

That is all for now. Enjoy the final weekend hours.

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6 Responses to the cat’s meow…

  1. Miki says:

    Oh, wow! I didn’t know Thursday was giving away a tattoo!

    Hope you’ve started the week off with a big smile! ;D


  2. maria says:

    loving these links :)

  3. Lune says:

    Where did that ipod cover come from? I NEED ONE!!!

    Thanks for your comment tonight – I hardly ever get any – and if I didn’t have stats to look at – I’d think no one reads my blog. I really appreciate your support :-D

  4. Lisa says:

    What are those headphones and where did they come from they are gorgeous!

    • lalafauxbois says:

      They are Urbanears. My mother in law got them for me from Urban Outfitters but there are lots of places online that sell them! They are the “ocean” color.

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