happy leap day!


Hello friends!
As I’m sure you’ve heard, Google Friend Connect is no longer available to non-Blogger blogs as of March 1st. That means this one, because it is hosted on WordPress. Here are some other options:

I’m still a fan of my Google reader but I’ve recently started using Bloglovin and it’s awesome! There are a lot of handy features and alerts. I’ve slowly been transferring the blogs I subscribe to over there. If you are a Bloglovin user I’ve put a widget in the sidebar OR you can click right here!


In the sidebar you’ll also find buttons if you prefer to subscribe via RSS or connect on Pinterest, Flickr, and Twitter. There’s also a spot to subscribe by email if you want new posts to arrive directly in your inbox!

Have I used the word “subscribe” enough in one post? Geez!
I hope you all have enjoyed your extra day :)

Thanks for being here!

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