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pink party

Things are good!

How come it’s so easy to take the good for granted and so easy to wallow when things are going wrong? I’ve really been trying to work on this and take the time to notice when things are good.

The past week has been full of good news and good times and I’m really being conscious to soak it in and acknowledge it. Maybe I’m being a little hippy dippy right now, or maybe I’m just growing up… (better late than never!)

I don’t want to bore you with the mundane, but a couple of the things I’m happy about are:

My bestie is visiting from Italy this week! I have to share her with loads of family but I really cherish our quality time, especially since I only see her once (or twice if I’m lucky!) a year.

Also, Brian started a new job today and although I’m going to miss having him around the house (he’s been freelancing for over a year), this is good news!

Photo is from a pink themed farewell party to say goodbye to our friend Jake (AKA Dr. Unicorn) who’s off to be a professor in New York. Sad to say goodbye but excited for his new adventures! Plus I got to live out my dream of having glasses, if only for a night! Man, they hurt my ears! :)

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7 Responses to right now…

  1. caitlin says:

    cute picture! my best friend from british columbia just paid me a visit – it was so so lovely. have a wonderful time with yer pal! x

  2. Miki says:

    You’re so right about acknowledging good things! We should feel lucky and grateful for all of them.

    Yay for best friends visiting from far away! ;D I wish mine could pay me a visit.

    Have a fun week, Lisa! ;D

  3. Erin says:

    Be careful what you wish for with the glasses! I had a couple pairs of non-prescription specs in high school, and then September of last year BAM! I am totally blind at a distance. *sigh*. They are quite a fun way to change your look though, and without a prescription, they’re a nice and cheap accessory (I bought my pairs for about $12 back then).

    I hope you have a good time with your best friend! It’s always hard having to be apart from those you care about, but making the time spent together as fun as possible helps to take the sting off :)


  4. Amanda A says:

    Happy to hear that life is going well. Enjoy it, lovely. I hear you on taking time to appreciate the good and taking the time to soak it in…Couldn’t agree more. And, man, I love those glasses. I’ve been actually thinking about giving contacts a try! :) We’ll see. It’s annoying going to the lake and swimming with one hand above water holding my frames high in the air. NERD.

  5. I’m really happy for you! Glad things are looking good! :) Too bad those glasses hurt cause they look so darn cute on ya!

  6. cb says:

    i love the pink glasses on you! you should wear them more often. i get that back of ear pain too when i wear glasses but you get used to it :)

  7. Cara-Mia says:

    Glad to hear (read) things are going well right now! Enjoy it! And have fun with your friend. :)

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