photo booth: holiday weekend…


Hellllo! Here’s a lil’ recap of the Christmas festivities which were at our house this year. Christmas Eve was a fondue party with Brian’s fam and some of our friends and Christmas day was just the family with presents, games, and a Mexican food feast. Roasting marshmallows over fondue fuel? Totally safe. There was even a failed attempt at a photo shoot in our currently empty swimming pool.
christmas eve group shotchristmas evebrian and lisacheese fondue partyvegan egg nog bourbonfondue partychocolate fonderoasting marshmallowsempty swimming pool photo shootsara holiday unicornchristmas boozeoregon heart ornament
I was SOOO excited to get this ornament in the mail right before Christmas! Oregon has a huge piece of my heart, being where I grew up and all of my family lives so this is a special ornament on the tree! Sarah of Oh My Deer was so sweet to send this to me! Thanks girl!

A blog break was so good for me, taking time to step away and live some life! I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday’s and is getting ready for one of my personal favorites- New Year’s! I get inspired by the feeling of a fresh start :)

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11 Responses to photo booth: holiday weekend…

  1. Miki says:

    Adorable photos! And I’d love to have some cheese fondue right now, yum! ;)

    I’m glad to know you had a great Christmas! ;D

  2. chantilly says:

    oooh, fondue! and all that liquor!! looks like you guys had a blast :)

  3. MoMo says:

    Well, this looks like a boat load of fun! Although the Maker’s and Soy Nog idea kinda made me gag a little.

  4. HAHAHAHA these pictures are funny. The party looks like it was a blast!!

    Superstition Vintage

  5. thursday says:

    oh man, it looks like you all had a really good time. and how lucky were you to spot the mythical candy cane unicorn?!

  6. Sarah says:

    aweee yay!! im so happy to come across your blog and to see the ornament arrived!! yay! it looks great on your tree! and if you ever come back and visit let me know and we can get together and thrift!! :)

  7. Drac says:

    Hack and I enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks for making our Christmas special.

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