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One time last year (okay, just before Christmas) I was tagged by sweet Miki for an 11 things about me post. I planned to do it but with all the holiday mumbo jumbo didn’t really have time/forgot. I’m tardy for the party, so I’m not going to pass along the tag, but thought it would be fun to still make a list! So here are 10 things you didn’t know about me. And please, pardon my dorkiness…

lisa accordion

1. I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in the middle of the Oregon woods.

2. I have always been obsessed with traveling and wanting to go everywhere. When I was in middle school (this is pre-internet, people!) I called all the numbers from travel commercials to get the free info. Dork alert: I took it a step further and even WROTE LETTERS to tourism offices requesting them to send me information. I would then try to talk my parents into taking me on a trip to these places. I thought the brochures would be more convincing then they were…

3. My first flight alone was to Australia when I was 16, to visit my friend studying abroad. On the 14 hour leg from Los Angeles to Sydney, I asked the flight attendant about 5 hours in to the trip if we were almost there.

4. For some reason, if I have to get up before sunrise I usually get a stomach ache.

5. I worked in video stores for 6.5 years. Starting my sophomore year in college I spent 4.5 years at Hollywood Video. I managed a Blockbuster for 2 years and that’s where Brian and I met :) I will try to never work for a corporate business again!

6. In spite of #5, I have never seen a single Star Wars movie.

7. I am probably the slowest drinker ever. I spend 1-2 hours drinking a coffee and I am totally used to the last 1/3 of my beer being room temperature or cocktail being diluted.

8. I got my bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon (Go Ducks!), changed my major 3 times, and moved to Arizona shortly after graduating for SUNSHINE!

9. I’m totally solar powered. I am paralyzed by more than one grey or rainy day which is why I live in Arizona. I want to live in SO many places but I’m afraid to move somewhere that isn’t sunny 300+ days a year.

10. The accordion is my favorite instrument and I have been (very casually) taking lessons for a couple years. This goes along with 2 dreams I have of being in a band or in the circus. Don’t think either of these will ever happen…

Feel free to join in and if you make a list, let me know so I can check it out!

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7 Responses to once upon a time…

  1. Kat says:

    I am a super slow drinker too! My beer is always warm by the time I get to the end. I want to learn an instrument again. I played trumpet and violin at school but didn’t keep up with either. I would like to learn to play the piano.

  2. All very interesting! I particularly like the accordion and Christmas tree farm bits.


  3. chantilly says:

    you look so awesome with that accordion!! i sooo still wish you could be in my band.

  4. Miki says:

    Hi, girl! It’s been a while! It was so nice to read all these facts and learn more about you!

    I’ve always loved the sound of the accordion!

    I only watched a Star Wars movie last year for the first time. And honestly, don’t think I’ll ever watch another one again, haha.

  5. Cosmia says:

    Amazing! Accordion is such a cool instrument to play!

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