oh hi there, fall!


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Like every other blogger out there, I’m excited for fall! Growing up in Oregon I would actually dread this season because it meant winter was coming. As the days got shorter, I would almost panic thinking of months and months of grey, rainy skies.

It may not be boots and tights weather here just yet, and the days are still hovering in the low 100s, but we are getting our version of fall. Cooler nights and mornings and actually being able to open windows, letting in some fresh air. I’ve started enjoying my favorite pumpkin beers, bought my first of many butternut squashes, and stocked up on apples. I love it!

Today I welcomed the season change by making some pumpkin cream cheese and best of all- some pumpkin syrup for homemade coffee drinks. I recommend both of these!

Have you started breaking out your fall recipes yet? What are some of your favorites?

P.S. Did anyone watch the new show Elementary? I love Sherlock mysteries and I’m kind of excited about it! Please tell me it’s not lame ;)

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10 Responses to oh hi there, fall!

  1. Jessa says:

    Oh my goodness. Pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin syrup sound AMAZING. It’s been lovely and foggy here on the Cali coast. I hope you get a taste of sweater weather soon!

  2. Zuleika says:

    I love Sherlock Holmes things too! I can’t wait to watch Elementary!

  3. Cara-Mia says:

    I haven’t enjoyed any of my usual fall treats yet other than pumpkin spice lattes. Must do some fall baking now!

    Have you watched the BBC Sherlock? I really love it! If Elementary ends up on Hulu, I will probably watch that one, too. :)

  4. chantilly says:

    i am so going to try that pumpkin syrup recipe!!! it looks sooo good. if you make it, you should blog it!


  5. Dus says:

    I am So Excited for fall! It still seems nowhere to be found during the days I agree but I am very much enjoying not arriving to work sweaty at 8 am

  6. Marisa says:

    Oh my yes – I’ve been cooking/baking up my pumpkin recipes left and right – pumpkin chili, pumpkin maple cupcakes, pumpkin bread….and of course I have been throwing back the pumpkin ale too! Now if I could only master the pumpkin ravioli! That pumpkin syrup sounds amazing too. How many times have I typed the word pumpkin in this comment. Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed?

    Anyhow, I watched Elementary and was very pleased…being a Sherlock fan myself :)

  7. Miki says:

    Oh, my! I had never heard of pumpkin-spiced cream cheese and I might give that syrup a try!

    The previous season of Elementary is on Netflix but I haven’t watched it yet. I’m curious, though, it looks really good!

    Have a great week and a fun month, sweet Lisa! ;D

  8. Suzanne says:

    Yay for fall! I had completely forgotten about Elementary – you’ll have to let us know if it’s worth watching :)

    I haven’t bought any pumpkin yet.. But it’s on the list!

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