November, in a nutshell…


I seriously can’t believe it’s December! I guess as cliche as it is, when you get older the years really do fly by! I absolutely LOVE the holidays and I’m excited to start winter festivities, now that the semester is wrapping up.

Here’s a farewell to November with some of my favorite posts from the month:
1. Bow ring DIY:
boy ring DIY

2. Thrifted giraffe shirt:giraffe shirt thrift store

3. A quick trip home to Oregon:
instagram collage oregon

4. Vintage boots and lace collar DIY
h&m polka dot dress

5. Mini bedroom tour:
wood wall hangings

I was also really excited to guest post for My Girl Thursday on vintage decorating and Pretty and Fun with some of my favorite vegetarian side dishes.

And off the blog:

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Through My Looking Glass
Paper Doll Smile

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  1. Jenna says:

    I’ve honestly never heard of a card game called Golf. Now I just have to look it up. Ooooh….secret project…can’t wait to see what it is!

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