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Recently the conversation has come up with a few different people, that there is SO MUCH good television these days. In the past, TV was a guilty pleasure and you felt like you had to mention shows you were watching with a dismissive wave and a disclaimer that you know it’s a guilty pleasure. Lately it feels like you are missing out on important conversations if you are NOT watching the latest drama.

With the end of Breaking Bad we were all left a little lost. What do we watch now? Will anything ever be as good? We don’t have cable which helps with the “intentional watching”. I am totally prone to veg out on meaningless shows and unproductive days, but having to seek out shows that are worth precious free time helps eliminate that for me.


So what are we watching lately?

We just wrapped up the debut season of The Americans, which I loved. It’s centered around a couple, Elizabeth and Phillip, who are KGB spies living in Washington DC during the Cold War. They are completely Americanized, with no Russian accents and 2 children that have no idea of their Russian heritage. The show not only focuses on their life as spies, but on their marriage which was arranged for the cause, yet eventually became centered on love and the family they created. Oh, and the added twist? Their new neighbor is an FBI agent. The story is based on true events, which makes it so fascinating. I was a kid in the ’80s and definitely remember bits and pieces of these types of stories. That makes even more interesting as I find myself rooting the protagonists, Philip and Elizabeth.

Parks & Rec is just so good, right? That show is hilarious shed I’ve shed a tear on many an occasion. There is something so sweet about all of their relationships and I really wish I could have Leslie Knope in my life! If you like listening to podcasts, I recommend last week’s Bullseye with Ron Swanson, he has the best giggle.

I just started season 3 of The Killing, which I’m nervous about because season 1 & 2 were SO addicting. Am I ready for the time suck again??

Now that I’ve given you the impression I just watch tv all day (I swear, I don’t!), it’s time for me to head to work ;)
What shows are you watching these days? From funny to drama- I want your suggestions!

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16 Responses to let’s talk tv…

  1. These kitty pics are just killin me with cuteness! Thanks for the TV recommendations! I really loved Orange is the New Black and am anxiously awaiting the return of game of thrones! I will also watch pretty much anything directed at an audience of 13 year old girls if there’s a whole season on netflix(read: america’s next top model, gossip girl… oh the embarrassing list could go on and on!)

    • lalafauxbois says:

      I’m right there with ya on the 13 yo girl shows- please tell me you’ve watched Pretty Little Liars :) I loved OITNB too- so good!

  2. Nena Fisher says:

    Parenthood. It’s such a great show about family.

  3. The Americans has now been added to my list!! I haven’t even heard of The Killing and there’s 3 seasons?! I must look into that one.

    Parks and Rec is one of my favorites. I love Nick Offerman’s character haha definitely listening to Bullseye right now :)

  4. Lexi says:

    I really want to watch The Americans, I keep seeing people talking about it!
    I definitely have to say my top 4 “guilty pleasure” shows are:
    Revenge, Sleep Hollow, Revolution, and Once Upon a Time.
    We can’t get cable where I live so we end up watching a lot of whats suggested for us on hulu. Usually the ones we like the most are the ones we thought would be terrible and only watched for lack of having anything else =p

  5. Kristian says:

    Thank you for the recs. The Americans sounds really interesting.

  6. Cristina says:

    I’m very far behind on my television viewing this season, but I love me some comedies. Parks and Rec, Welcome to the Family (which just got canceled…bummer, but it’s making room for Community, which I’ve missed). I like The Neighbors and a few other ABC shows. Mostly I’m just waiting for January so that Teen Wolf can come back.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  7. Ellie says:

    My dad was really into the Americans but I had no idea what it was about. I think I should start watching it now :)

    Parks and Rec is one of my favorites too – such a great show. I’m also into New Girl right now and Bomb Girls.

  8. chantilly says:

    i’ve been watching reruns of the sopranos… i’ve actually never seen it before. other than that, we’ve got the walking dead, american horror story, boardwalk empire, and homeland keeping us happy :)

  9. Marisa says:

    Can you believe the hubs and I just got into Breaking Bad?! We are currently on the first season. Other than that I just got through the whole series of Gossip Girl and surprisingly LOVED it. I’m going to have to try The Americans next :-)

  10. Jessica says:

    I love tv and I love tv talk/posts. A lot of my friends don’t watch tv and I always feel slightly shamed when I talk about my tv addiction. I am still mourning Breaking Bad! Parks and Rec is top notch and I’m so sad they put it on hiatus. Though I am watching Masters of Sex and Justified. Both are REALLY good. Also if you don’t watch Revenge, it’s a nice BB replacement for anxiety/stress.

  11. I love television, no doubt about it. I watch too many shows haha but I honestly can’t help myself! The Americans sounds like a cool show. My brother has been getting me to watch Parks & Rec for awhile now, and I’m hoping to hop on the bandwagon soon. If you love comedy, give The Mindy Project a shot! It’s hilarious!

  12. Hannah says:

    I love Parks & Rec!

    Xo, Hannah


  13. Elana says:

    Right?! I honestly don’t know what to do with myself now that BrBa is over. I feel like a little piece of me died and I’m worried I’m going to go crazy and turn to writing fan-fiction or something crazy. (Not really. My obsession is only slightly unhealthy)

    But thank goodness for Parks and Rec! Hopefully it will hold me over until Community and Game of Thrones return next year!

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