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Today I’m presenting you with my entire leather skirt collection. Yup. One brown suede skirt, Banana Republic- thrifted for $1.99. I swear, only in the midwest do you still find thrift stores that cheap. I snagged on one of our visits to Missouri and it might as well have been brand new- I’d be surprised if it had ever been worn.

This skirt even opened my eyes to a weird habit I have of leaning on bathroom counters when I wash my hands. I found that out by leaning on a wet counter last year at school, and having to walk back into class with a long-lasting, wet stripe across the waist of this skirt. I probably need to break that one, eh?

thrifted outfit

top, skirt, scarf: thrifted
shoes: Steve Madden via Amazon (on sale!)
spyglass necklace: in my Etsy shop
tights: ??


I wore this outfit to work last week and looking at these photos reminds me how happy I am that I can wear what I want to work, and sometimes that might mean an outfit inspired by a sea captain… I guess if I wanted to wear sweat pants it would be a different story, but that’s never really been my thing. I spent so many years resisting the push to get a job in an office because of my fear of having to wear “office clothes”, 2nd only to my fear of having to get out of bed so early. Well, I’m happy to report that I work at 9:30, which is pretty great in terms of day jobs, and I haven’t had to spring for any business attire.

Lena B, Actually
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7 Responses to land, ho!

  1. Becca says:

    Lisa, I love this outfit so much! You are killing it in that skirt (awesome find!) and I’m completely in love with that telescope necklace from your shop. I might need on!

    Becca || Ladyface Blog

  2. Love this outfit. You’re such a cutie. And yes, the midwest is BEST for thrifting. Cough. Cough. And visiting. Ahem!

  3. Kristian says:

    I love how your outfits so often seem to have a spirit of adventure- like this one luring me to adventure on the high seas! Seriously, this is so cute but also classic.

    Also, because I’m not sure I know, but… what do you do for a living? (If you feel comfortable sharing, of course!)

  4. Miki says:

    Love the shoes and I can’t believe the skirt was such a bargain! ;) I wish /i could wear whatever I wanted to work, I technically can wear dresses, but since we’re surrounded by lots of teens, I don’t feel it’s appropriate … I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t feel that way.

  5. Jess says:

    You look amazing! This skirt is so cute and I can’t believe you found it for that cheap! I love the sailor vibes, they’re reminding me of summer. Also, I’m in love with your headscarf xx

  6. Love this look! I can’t believe the skirt was $1.99. The booties are great too. And of course I’m in love that that necklace and I’m heading over to your Etsy shop now.

  7. jess lonett says:

    office clothes really are the worst. i work in an office now that you can wear pretty much anything too and it makes all the difference getting ready for the day! my previous office was not the case. i think an office office vibe is a deal breaker for all future career options!

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