Instagram, lately…


Happy March, everyone! This is my absolute favorite month and today the weather is absolutely perfect to celebrate. We have a lot to look forward to this month- our anniversary, my best friend, her husband, and baby bump coming to visit, a good friend’s wedding, and spring break. If you are somewhere cold, don’t worry- Spring is officially here soon!

I haven’t shared any Instagram (@lalafauxbois) pics are here recently, but I was organizing photos and though I would share some from the last couple months.

Instagram lately

1// A chilly morning.
2// I thrifted this tiny cutting board that I thought was adorable. That’s one of the few lemons from our tree.
3// Reading The War of Art between classes.
4// Brian’s parents gave us these awesome airplane weathervanes for Christmas.


1// Piper doing her favorite activity.
2// Listening to some podcasts in the morning.
3// If you put an airplane on it, I will buy it.
4// A picture of Morrissey when he was a frizzy baby- 8 years ago.

I also recently ordered some Instagram magnets from Stickygram. They are pretty awesome, have you tried them out yet? You choose nine photos and they turn them into magnets for $14.99 and free shipping. I’m a fan. I definitely want to try out some other printing services soon too.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. arielle says:

    I love those socks!

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