Inspired by: Wintery Plaid


Vintage plaid cape, thermos, skirt, wool blanket

1// Vintage plaid cape from Dalena Vintage on Etsy
2// Vintage plaid thermos and bag set from Shanty Irish on Etsy
3// Vintage plaid wool blanket from C & C Pop-up Shop on Etsy
4// Vintage plaid wool skirt Johnny Six Vintage on Etsy

This week’s inspiration is wintery plaid. There’s plaid for every season, but rich tones, wooly textures, and thermoses ignite the cozy feeling of wrapping up in something warm and sipping on soup. I spent most of the ’90s swimming in oversized plaid flannels, so it sparks some nostalgia as well :)

Any plaid items you’re loving this season?

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4 Responses to Inspired by: Wintery Plaid

  1. I LOVE plaid, and that skirt is so, so perfect. I need it!


  2. Courtney Wagner says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for including my blanket.
    Here’s to a warm-ish winter ;)

  3. Anna says:

    My favorite pattern! Yay! That cape is AMAZING! <3

    – Anna

  4. Ahhh!!! I’m loving that cape so much.

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