if I were shopping…


Today marks 3 weeks into the 2nd-hand pledge and it’s going swimmingly! I have only shopped at thrift stores and bought one pair of vintage shoes on ebay that I’m anxiously waiting for.

This weekend, I started giving a friend sewing lessons and that has inspired me to get back behind the machine. We have plans over the next couple weeks to make something from a pattern and also work on altering stuff from the thrift store. I’m excited to get back into sewing and improve my very basic skills!

I have been guilty of a little window shopping though, and here’s a few things I would’ve been tempted to buy without the pledge…

blowfish velvet bird modcloth yeye

1. I still have glamorized dreams of being in the circus and this dress from Velvet Bird is just so perfect and cute! I first fell in love when I saw Katie wearing it.

2. Before I started the pledge, I was drooling over mint jeans but couldn’t find a pair that fit well AND was in my budget (hello, JCrew $125 novelty jeans!). Now I’m just going to pretend this pair from ModCloth fit the bill and are in my closet…

3. I have been lovin’ these wedges from Blowfish for awhile now!

4. Seriously amazing collar on this handmade top from Yeye!

So, what I’m saying is that you should go buy these pretty things since I’m not allowed too :)

I’ve been working on my list of goals for the summer, I don’t want to waste this extra free time I have over the next few months when there are so many things I want to learn/do right now. Don’t worry, there’s definitely going to be pool time and fun weekend getaways too!

How are your summer goals/plans/shopping pledges going?

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10 Responses to if I were shopping…

  1. That dress and those pants are so perfect! I love ‘em! I was searching for cardigans on the internet and I came across some mint pants that were only $23!! I couldn’t pass them up. I hope they fit!

    • lalafauxbois says:

      What??? I’m so jealous! I really want a pair but I doubt I’m going to find any used right now :)

  2. Brittany says:

    The wedges and the top are both gorgeous. Serious shopping temptations!

  3. jess lonett says:

    i would love if you shared some tips in your altering/pattern sewing adventures!

  4. Suzanne says:

    I didn’t know that you sew, Lisa! I can’t wait to see your projects, & I’m completely impressed that you’ve decided to take a step back & focus on your wardrobe in a no-shopping way. It’s inspiring!

  5. Dus says:

    haha noooo you can’t encourage others to buy! Although actually for those two handmade pieces I def find an exception, they both did amazing jobs w/ the prints. Hmm still work work, study study over here but I couldn’t be more thrilled to make a huge summer goal list come next week : ) awesome you can sew too, look forward to seeing more!

  6. Amanda A says:

    My pledge is still going strong! :) Cheers to us! :) I didn’t know you could sew! God, I would LOVE to learn…Maybe this winter I will take a class…I would love how to shorten my skirts/dresses just a tad. Very cute finds…Love that top from YeYe! xoxo

  7. Miki says:

    Awe, I’d love it if we lived near enough to have you a sewing teacher, too! :D

    And, man! I love that green top!

    Thank you so much for putting my button, Lisa! I’ll put yours if you send the code to me ;D; preferably 180″ wide.

    Hope you’re having an awesome week!


  8. Ohh, I love this pledge! Such a great idea, and I am so excited to see the fruits of your sewing efforts! Somehow sewing always seems like a weekend project to me (time consuming, detail oriented!), but I am hoping to get some things lined up that will let me pick them up here or there on a weeknight. Here’s to hitting the sewing machine, and thanks for the inspiration!

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