Gift of Thrift- the gifts


Gift of Thrift

You may remember back in November a group of us were hosting the Gift of Thrift- a Secret Santa of the 2nd hand variety? I received a lovely package from the sweet Genevieve, chock full of thrifted goodness!

gift of thrift secret santa
See? I made out like a bandit! I loved all of my vintage goodies, everything was right up my alley, and thought it was really fun that she sent me some Arizona postcards. And those cookies… they were a hit around this house. The icing on the cake? Everything was shipped in this striped lunch box- talk about getting colorful mail! I would definitely say that the Gift of Thrift was a success and keep an eye out because we may do it again next year.

Thank you so much Genevieve, your package was such a great surprise and so fun to open!

If you participated in the Gift of Thrift, link up over at Gypsy in Jasper so we can see what you got!

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5 Responses to Gift of Thrift- the gifts

  1. Holy moly! You did well. What a parcel. I especially love the lunchbox!!

  2. Crissy says:

    Ooh some lovely vintage goodies!!

  3. Kristian says:

    Fun to see what resulted from this creative endeavor!

  4. Trish says:

    Whoa! You scored so much stuff! So cool that she added in cookies. :)

  5. CUTE! Love! I am glad you were spoiled! :) We definitely need to do this next year!

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