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pineapple cocktail

For the past few months I’ve been dealing with something frustrating. I can’t go in to details on here because, this is the internet after all. But the details aren’t the point, and frankly they would probably bore the crap outta’ you. In the grand scheme of things- IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!

What’s the point then? Well, last week (with the help of a few great people!) I had a little bit of a revelation. I was letting this one annoyance CONSUME me. Overall, things are pretty awesome around here- most of all my home life with the super amazing, supportive, and hilarious Brian. Seriously, I don’t think anything can be better than being happy at home. And a girl couldn’t ask for better friends!

Last week I decided to turn to my love of lists to help me out of this funk. I made a list of all the things that are going well and I’m super thankful for right now (ONE HUGE ONE IS MY LOVE OF THIS BLOGGING COMMUNITY!!), and things I’m proud of. Wow! What a fresh perspective. SO… make a list. This is nothing new, but it was new to me and it totally helped. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

Although venting can be really helpful, (what’s better than talking it out with friends??) I was finding that it was taking up too much of my life. I was “venting” to anyone that would listen. And I have a lot of good listeners in my life :)

Phew, that was my first time getting real with you guys. Thanks for being you, now have a pineapple juice cocktail.

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7 Responses to getting real…

  1. Miki says:

    Oh, Lisa, whatever it is that you’re going through, I hope you get over it soon! ;) All the best vibes your way, girl! ;D And I’m glad to know you’re surrounded by people who love you! If there’s anything I can do for you, I’m right here, k?

    Hey! Can you e-mail me your address so I can maybe send you a little card or something? ;)

    Tight hugs!

  2. Amanda A says:

    That makes me really happy that you have such a loving support system (including Brian–I’d like top meet this fellow!), lady. You are really lucky. However, I am sorry to hear that you’ve been going through something. Know that I’m here if you ever need anything. Even to send me an email bitching. hah! That’s what friends are for…(yes, now I am singing that song in my head). That is an amazing idea to make a “why life is awesome” list. It’s so easy to focus on the one thing that’s holding you up and not focus on the other 900 things that are amazing. I think you’re amazing! Just sayin’ :)

  3. I hear you. It’s hard sometimes to remember that 99% of my life is AWESOME and not to let the really, really, really annoying 1% consume me. I’m glad the list helped and hope whatever’s bothering you is sorted soon. x

  4. Suzanne says:

    Yup, I love your optimistic spirit. And I know what it’s like to let something take up way too much space in your (my) life. So good for you, girl!! Thanks for reminding us we can turn it around.

    And I would love a pineapple cocktail, how’d you know? :)

  5. Marisa says:

    I love your sunny positive outlook here Lisa! I tend to get hung up on things too and let them really annoy me to the point that they are all-consuming – I guess it’s a normal part of life and what better to have a strong support system to help you along the way and really kick the problem in the behind so that you can move past it. I think a pineapple juice cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate your triumph … now I need to go make one:)

  6. Suki says:

    Life can really suck sometimes. But listing sounds a fabulous idea! Hope it continues to work and that everything gets easier. Hugs!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, that sounds actually exactly what I need to do right now. I’ve been feeling in the dumps but really have so much to be thankful for… glad it was a huge help for you. & so true about venting for me also, it can almost be worse because friends/fam are sometimes so supportive they just go w/ my complaints haha.

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