Collection: airplane wings



As a pilot and airplane fanatic, I love collection airplane wings and vintage airline wings. This is part of my collection- most of these I wear regularly and Brian has found for me over the years.

I found the American Airlines pin last week when we went with Brian’s family to some swap meets. It was a couple days after the American debuted their logo change and just that morning I was telling Brian how much I preferred their ’60s design that they’d had for 50 years. I couldn’t believe I stumbled upon a pin that day!

What do you think of their new logo? Does anyone else miss the days of getting airplane wings as a kid on flights??

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4 Responses to Collection: airplane wings

  1. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    I like the old logo better! And, I also love AA goodies because it’s my initials. C actually wears a silver ring I found (made out of some sort of salvaged metal) with the old school AA logo imprinted on it. <3 I had no idea you collected this! Another thing to keep my eye out for! xo

  2. Crissy says:

    I remember getting one airplane wing as a kid but have no idea where it went D:

  3. That is a great collection! I don’t think I ever got wings when flying. Maybe once, but they were plastic and kind of crappy. Hmmm….I wonder where those are…

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