cat naps…


As evidenced by this photo I shared back in October, my cats will sleep anywhere.

kitty computer nap cat
I haven’t been able to justify investing in a designated cat bed because knowing them, they will still choose a stack of books. And I love nighttime kitty cuddles and wouldn’t want to risk them not sleeping in bed with me! But here are some cute ones I’ve spotted, and you get to see cute pics of kitties.

1. My favorite has always been these mid century style beds from Like Kittyville
like kittyville mid century cat bed

2. Atomic Attic makes pet beds from upcycled suitcases! This particular one is reserved but they have a lot of great stuff.
atomic attic cat bed

3. No pictures of a cat in this one, but I think these are hilarious. Modeled after modern people beds from Mod Pet
mod pet cat bed etsy

4. I love these egg shaped Pet Pods in mint green from PEI Pod.
pet pod

What are some odd places your pets like to sleep?

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7 Responses to cat naps…

  1. These cat beds are fabulous! I don’t have any cats, but my little chihuahua sleeps in a cat bed :)


  2. Miki says:

    Hahaha, Dante and Dimitri also like to sleep everywhere! Especially in inconvenient places such as my lap when I need to stand up, hehe.

    I think my favorite pet bed is the last one ;).

    Hope you and your kitties are having a great day! ;D


  3. Suzanne says:

    Ahh! Gosh I love these. Thanks for indulging the cat lover in all of us. I made mine a super cute teepee the other day (trying to take photos) & she couldn’t care less.

    I will definitely try again until I succeed. :)

  4. chantilly says:

    ha, my cats try to sleep on my laptop like that too. i say, don’t invest in a cat bed… they’ll probably never even know what it is/ that it’s supposed to be for them!

  5. Jenna says:

    So so cute! Your feline looks so cozy! I think they like the warmth from the laptops. Mine always fight to nap on my laptop when it’s closed but still on. I did just buy a funny cat bed from ebay that is shaped like a fish! My littlest kitten like to lay in it and it’s hilarious because she’s in the mouth of a fish haha.

  6. Kait says:

    I love suitcase pet beds. My youngest pup will sleep anywhere. Always on the computer, or has to be right on your chest.

  7. Briana says:

    I love those cat beds! So cute! My favorite is the upcycled suitcase bed!

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