Weekend Snapshots- aka cuteness overload


Oh man, did I enjoy this long weekend! It was my first time in a loooong time that I wasn’t working in restaurants and actually got to have the whole 4 day holiday weekend off. It started with me leaving work early on Wednesday due to some family scariness, but everything is a-okay now.

On to the good- I got the Etsy shop up and running (thank you so much for the tweets, comments, and messages!!!) and my best friend is in town from Italy for a few weeks so I finally got to meet her perfect daughter (how cute is this mohawk???!).



The past 5 years a couple of our friends have come over for Thanksgiving and this year their dog kept insisting it wasn’t too cold to swim, although she would just quickly jump in and then shake the water all over us :)

Our littlest cat is such an Arizona native! Our house is about 70ยบ right now but she is cold as can be. We keep catching her burrowed under the blankets, smashed up against the other cat, or standing in a beam of sunlight from a window- it’s pretty hilarious.

Thanksgiving weekend

Well, everyone loves pictures of babies, dogs, and kitties, so there ya go. How was your weekend? Please tell me you didn’t finish all your Christmas shopping!

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6 Responses to Weekend Snapshots- aka cuteness overload

  1. Kristian says:

    Oh that baby is sooo cute! Actually it is like cuteness overload on your post- babies and puppies and kittens!

  2. OMG that mohawk is so stinkin’ cute! hehe.
    That’s so great to hear you got to enjoy a full holiday break! I used to work in retail before so I recall the days where I didn’t really get a break when everyone else did. So I appreciate them a lot! =)

  3. Cristina says:

    Cuteness everywhere! Seems like a really nice way to spend this long weekend.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  4. Marisa says:

    Oh she is such a doll!! I love the little mohawk :-) Cuteness overload for sure.

    Congrats on your Etsy lady!! It’s lovely! So happy your holiday was a great one! Geez – I wish it was 70 degrees here. It got down to single digits where I live!

  5. October says:

    Cuteness overload indeed!I’m glad everything is okay, and I wish you the best with your shop – it looks fabulous!

  6. haha everyone does love babies, puppies, and kitties indeed, well, in reverse order ; ). but oh man the baby mohawk really tops it, so cute! that’s wonderful you could see your friend again and of course i swoon over her getting to live in Italy!

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