A little birdy told me…


bird in a nest

Four days a week I walk by this bird on my way to class. I don’t remember ever seeing a bird in a nest at eye level, especially in such a busy place. This Palo Verde tree is in the middle of campus, and this bird just sits there with the most content look on it’s face. It’s actually been pretty windy the last couple weeks and it still looks so peaceful as the tree is swaying all over the place.

I’m getting ready to graduate in a few weeks, and even before I saw this bird I was referring to it as getting ready to leave the nest. It’s almost time to leave the comforts of my department and head out to find a job. I like to think this bird is telling me it’s going to be alright.

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5 Responses to A little birdy told me…

  1. Miki says:

    Awe! It IS going to be alright! ;D Great times are coming, Lisa! Congrats!!!

  2. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Jessy B says:

    Awwww what a cute bird. Isn’t it nice when we are reminded in such a simple way? Congrats on your graduation! I’m sure you will do great things! :)

  4. Marisa says:

    I love little signs like that. It always makes me feel a bit of a peace. It is going to be alright! Very best wishes as you get ready to graduate!

    xo Marisa

  5. Dus says:

    aww I love little comforting signs like that! & it def will be, at worst case scenario nothing will change right? and you already seem pretty darn cool to me!

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