a happy birthday, indeed…



Yesterday was my birthday AND I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the new Reader Spotlight feature on Flock Together! I love those girls and all their remixing magic, so it was a pleasure to be invited to do this!

Birthdays can be a funny thing, ya know? I’ve always been a fan, but as you get older you can start to have those “is this where I’d thought I’d be at this age” freak outs. None this year, thankfully. Life is good and has been moving in a good direction. It was year 10 of celebrating my birthday with Brian too- we were in the flirting stage this time 10 years ago ;)

Now head on over and wish Becca a happy birthday today!!

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16 Responses to a happy birthday, indeed…

  1. Becca says:

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for my birthday today! You’re the best!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. kim says:

    happy birthday!

  3. aww i love hearing you and brian were in the “flirting stage” this time ten years ago! & glad you didnt have a bday panic. sounds like you’re doing awesome & i tot. admire you for taking a completely diff career path so keep up the great work! and happy late bday : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  4. Katrin says:

    Happy happy belated birthday!

  5. Angela says:

    Happy birthday! Congrats on the feature and avoiding the annual freak-out :)

  6. Katie says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Wishing you a loving and joyful year!

  7. Jaime Brown says:

    Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day and got spoiled:)

  8. 10 birthdays together, how cute is that! Happy belated birthday to you I hope it was wonderful and was so happy that you were the one featured on the first reader spotlight!!!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah


  9. lalafauxbois says:

    Thank you! It was so awesome to be asked for the feature- a big thank you to you all!!

  10. V Honey says:

    Happy belated birthday!!

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