Tuesday Tunes: Princess Chelsea


I’d never heard of Princess Chelsea before but I stumbled upon this video the other day. I first fell in love with the styling in the thumbnail :)

She has a lot of fun videos, I liked this eery Beatles cover too…

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5 Responses to Tuesday Tunes: Princess Chelsea

  1. Renee says:

    She’s great, and from New Zealand! I saw her open for The Dresden Dolls earlier this year, she was cute as a button!

  2. wow, never heard of her either! she is awesome!

  3. Amanda A says:

    I just had a weird vision of me walking down the aisle to the second one. I dig it. Never heard of her either! I love that pink wig. Similar to the wig I wore for halloween, except mine was blonde. Too bad thye are so hot and itchy! xo

  4. Dus says:

    wow they keep those gangster faces for a good 58 seconds… wonderful how many outtakes that took. very quirky interesting video. crazy stat at the end too, glad they showed it. thx for sharing!

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