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Kind of Fall with Dansko Ankle Boots


Dansko ankle boots from Dillards

Every new season calls for a new pair of shoes, and with fall and winter that means new boots, amiright? Ankle boots are my favorite style of boots these days, and they are especially perfect for when the weather is still warmish. Like maybe you’re still decked out in rainbows and florals, but want to add a dash of fall :) Who am I kidding- rainbows & florals are for any season in my book. I love how versatile ankle boots are since they look cute with dresses and skirts, or high-water skinny jeans. This pair is the Shirley Bootie by Dansko and just like every other pair of Danskos, they are super comfortable. Like I can still do leaps in a pair of wedges comfortable. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling- haha.

The weather around here has been amazing- I know lots of AZ people complain that it’s not a real fall, but I LOVE those days in the 80s & 90s & cooler nights. And by cooler, I mean throw on a kimono like this floral cutie, and be good to go. Can you tell I’m not a cold weather person? :) I’m not above pumpkin flavored anything, but I also haven’t broken the seal on that flavor yet this year, so I guess by some standards fall hasn’t really been kicked off in my world.

Dansko ankle boots from Dillards
Dansko ankle boots from Dillards

Dansko ankle boots from Dillards

ankle boots: Dansko Shirley Booties c/o Dillards
kimono: Avenle
tank top: UO
skirt: thrifted

Have you picked out new boots for this season yet? I definitely recommend checking out Dillards- they have HUNDREDS styles of women’s boots on their site right now- hellllo options!

This post was sponsored by Dansko & Dillards but all opinions are my own!

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70s Vibes with Dansko & Dillards


Dansko Deni clogs from Dillards

Oh hey, it’s been a looong while, but after a year away I was thinking it would be fun to pop in and occasionally blog again. Not much has changed, aside from my hair color and I’ve been collecting and designing enamel pins. But if you follow me on Instagram you already know all of that. I’m also still on board with the jumpsuit trend I had just started dabbling in last summer, and they’ve been slowly replacing my dresses these days. High five to not having to worry about your dress on a breezy day.

I really, really love summer clothes, so instead of packing them away when summer is over, I like to add some layers and accessories. I recently got these Dansko Deni clogs from Dillards and I think they go with the 70s vibe of the jumpsuit, and the deep brown helps transition the look to fall with darker tones. I always like to add a couple inches to my height when I can, but I try not to sacrifice comfort in the process because nothing can ruin your day like being out and about with achy feet. Dansko shoes are PERFECT for that- if you’ve never worn them they are designed for people that spend a lot of time on their feet and are super comfortable.

It may be a total cliche, but shoes are definitely a shopping weakness for me. I can spend more time then I’d like to admit wandering (or scrolling) through the shoe section, and I love stores like Dillards that offer a lot of variety. They have a huge selection of Dansko shoes right now and I love being able to see so many style options in one place.

Dansko Deni clogs from Dillards

Dansko Deni clogs from Dillards

Dansko Deni clogs from Dillards

Dansko Deni clogs from Dillards

clogs: Dansko Deni clogs c/o Dillards
jumpsuit: ASOS
denim jacket: Gap via ebay
mermaid shell necklace: Little Arrow Shop

So do you have some favorite tips for dressing during the transitional weather? Leave a link to your posts below so I can come get some fall inspiration!

This post was sponsored by Dansko & Dillards but all opinions are my own!

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Jump Around


vintage jumpsuit

Well, I’m convinced this is how you have to stand to show off the jumpsuit that looks like a dress at first glance. I’m now a jumpsuit convert, because what could be better for a windy summer day? This was actually in my shop for awhile, and when I started getting jumpsuit envy of many fabulous bloggers, I decided to alter it to fit and keep it for myself. The pros of having a guest room too full of vintage for actual guests ;)

I’m a big fan of cross-body bags, they are so much easier than bulky handbags when you’re spending the day out and about. And sometimes even the biggest color lovers go for neutrals- especially in fun prints and color blocking!

vintage jumpsuit

Big Buddha crossbody bag

bags: c/o Big Buddha
jumpsuit & scarf: vintage
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

vintage jumpsuit

If you are reading this post, thanks for sticking around! Holy moly it’s been awhile. Not sure what direction this blog is heading, but it’s at least fun to pop in and say hello once in awhile :)

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Red Dolly Swim & Flamingos


Red Dolly Swim polka dot bikini
Red Dolly Swim polka dot bikini
Red Dolly Swim polka dot bikini

bikini: c/o Red Dolly
sunglasses: gift
scarf: thrifted
pool float: Amazon

This would’ve been a perfect post for yesterday, but I found out a little too late in the day that it was Pink Flamingo Day. And National Pink Day. Thanks to the beauty of the internet, we can find out stuff like that :) Also, if you didn’t here, Monday Donald Featherstone passed away- the creator of the iconic flamingo lawn ornament. He seems like a fun person to have known- can you believe he and his wife wore matching outfits for 35 years?? Whoa.

We are in full blown summer mode- floating around in the pool with a polka dot bikini and flamingo inflatable are essential. Oh, and watermelon. Lots and lots of watermelon.

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Earth Day with Savers


Earth Day with Savers

Happy Earth Day! This year I’m partnering with Savers to talk about thrifting, one of the most fun ways to go green! Savers keeps 650 million pounds of reusable goods out of landfills each year, making them one of the largest textile recyclers in the world. When you donate and shop at thrift stores, you are helping reduce the amount of waste and not contributing to the impact of new product production.

Armed with a $100 gift certificate to Savers, I was challenged to see just how much I could find to spruce up my wardrobe. Talk about a shopping spree! From one thrift store outing I was able to put together 3 entire looks, including shoes (but minus some accessories).

Look 1

Thrifted: Coach loafers, floral jumper, striped tank top

Earth Day with Savers

Look 2

Thrifted: J Crew gingham dress, vintage oxford shoes
vintage bow tie: estate sale

Earth Day with Savers

Look 3

Thrifted: Floral summer dress, Keds tennis shoes, silk hair scarf

Earth Day with Savers
Look 4 & 5

Thrifted: Flamingo blouse (new with tags!) & Hawaiian dress
necklace: estate sale

Earth Day with Savers

Now let’s talk about just how much $100 can buy you at the thrift store. When shopping most retail, I would have to choose between a single dress or pair of shoes, but at Savers I was able to get a whole new-to-me summer wardrobe. We’re talking:

*5 dresses
*7 shirts
*1 scarf
*4 pairs of shoes
*4 vintage cocktail glasses
*1 vintage coffee mug


Earth Day at Savers

April is Earth Month, and it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning! Donate all the stuff that you no longer wear or use, and know that you are keeping those things out of landfills. In addition, each of your donations contributes to Savers partnerships with a non-profit in your community. Go ahead and reward yourself with some shopping while you’re there ;)

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