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la lista: book wish list…


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These books are high on my wishlist. I’ve been a Design Sponge reader and Bust subscriber for years and think these books must be full of fantastic info/projects. I think the Orla Keily, Vera, and Alvin Lustig books would be really inspirational for patterns and design.

amazon book wish list
1. Design Sponge at Home
2. Bust DIY Guide to Life
3. Burda Style Sewing Handbook
4. Born Modern
5. Orla Kiely- Pattern
6. Vera

Does anyone have/recommend these books? I’ve been on a book buying hiatus for a few months, are there any other recent craft books I should add to the list?

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la lista: some of my favorite podcasts…


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Brian and I listen to a lot of podcasts in our house since they make the perfect background while working, crafting, cooking, etc. We mostly listen to a lot of comedy podcasts as they make chores and homework much more enjoyable. Joy the Baker comes along with me in the car and her and Tracy are so adorable, I *sometimes* wish I had a longer commute.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts, in no particular order, click the image to check out their websites…

joy the baker podcast

never not funny podcast

who charted earwolf

jordan jesse go

my brother my brother and me

comedy bang bang

wtf mark maron

What are your favorite podcasts? I would love to find some new ones to add to the list!

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la lista: hey, there! nice links!


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This month I have had the opportunity to sponsor a few lovely blogs. If you haven’t seen their awesomeness before, make sure to check them out! I now present to you, in alphabetical order– cause I’m a dork like that, a list of some link love!

amy morby a is for ampersand

adalou vintage

chantilly songs

little luck tree blog

If you are interested in some button swapping, shoot me an email!
lalafauxbois at gmail dot com

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la lista: a shopping trip


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For today’s list I’m going on a virtual shopping trip! Here’s some of the things I’m drooling over right now…

1. Zebra Wood sunglasses from Tumbleweeds Oddities. I love woodgrain! I will credit growing up in the middle of the woods for that. These will probably be a birthday present to myself, from myself and will be the nicest sunglasses I’ve ever owned :) I will definitely go for the option of veneering the arms of the glasses as well!
tumbleweeds oddities sunglasses

2. Chevron Metal necklace from Scarlett Garnet. I love geometric jewelry and this would make a great statement piece!
chevron necklace from scarlett garnet etsy

3. Another Etsy find is this Narwhal T-shirt from Tee Shirt Gnome. They have so many cool shirts it was hard to pick a favorite. I told you I’m addicted to Etsy browsing!
narwhal shirt by tee shirt gnome etsy

4. I need a snazzier iphone case and I love the retro look of this one from Modcloth!
iphone case modcloth

5. I’ve been admiring colorful headphones and these from Urbanears would be perfect for geeking out on my favorite podcasts! :)
urbanears headphones in pool

Well… time to stop pretend shopping and get to work ;)

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La Lista! Havin’ a Summah!


la lista

Welcome to the first installment of La Lista! I love to make lists and this is where I can make a list about anything I want! The first issue will spotlight the awesomeness of summer. The title refers to this video featuring the always adorable Zooey D. The northern hemisphere is smack dab in the middle of summer which means in AZ we are half way done with everyday temps over 100 degrees. That doesn’t mean I mind hot temps, I have found many reasons to love hot summers and here they are! (in no particular order)

1. Salt River Tubing: this year I learned that going on a weekday is much more fun than weekends…
lisa tubingtubing
2. & 3. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing tights and sipping hot chai tea lattes but these are fun too!
dresses and iced coffee
4. Brian’s parents spend a lot of time at the lake and we like to go visit them. Here he is water-skiing with his mom, too cute!!
at the lake
5. Summer treats! I’ve been experimenting with homemade popsicles and this is my fave so far: Nutella and Greek Yogurt by the awesome Emma from Food Coma. I just mixed up the ingredients so they’d be a little sweeter.
nutella popsicles
6. Last but not least, I love a good ol’ fashioned pool party with my friends! These pictures were taken with this camera.
pool partysaralounging

Hope you’re having a good summer!

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