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An Ikea Makeover…



If you’d ever been to our house, there would’ve been a good chance you hit your head on our awkwardly hanging liquor cabinet at some point. We’ve had this hanging cabinet from Ikea in our kitchen for years, and as much as I like the style of it, there was no where to hang it that it wasn’t obtrusive.

A couple of weeks ago, I was staring at it when I was supposed to be doing homework- it was in my line of sight from my computer, and I had the idea of converting it to a sideboard and putting it in the entry way. Brian did the drilling and attaching of the vintage hairpin legs we had in the garage. Since we want to use it for storage but it’s in the entry way, I wanted to cover the glass so it wouldn’t look cluttered. I lined it with some vintage wallpaper, wrestling with the brittleness and agonizing over the pattern lining up in each window.

Here’s the before, hanging in the kitchen:

ikea hack sideboard



Of course Morrissey loves it too, it’s another high surface for him to perch on, you know- to keep an eye on things…

Octopus tentacles can be purchased here….
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Avenir font typography print

One of my latest projects for my Typography class was to design a type specimen on a font of our choice. Their were some stipulations on font choice, but for the most part it was up to us. Our instructor did recommend profiling something that comes on a mac so that the posters hanging in the classroom will actually be useful to students.

I chose Avenir, a font I hadn’t paid much attention to before this project, but has recently been coined “Apple’s new favorite typeface”. It is the principle typeface of Amsterdam so I included a Dutch bicycle and a color scheme that reminds me of modern Europe design.

How fun is that Q??

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Stop the presses!


3 color cat screenprint

So my birthday passed about a month ago but I wanted to share this awesome gift Brian made for me- a 3-color screen print of one of our cats. He used the photo emulsion technique that we’ve used to make screen prints in the past (like the clock he gave me last year!), but since it was three colors it required three screens and using registration to line up the colors.

Handmade gifts are my favorite! Now I’m trying to finagle one of the other cat :)

Here’s the polaroid he used to make the screens:

cat polaroid

On Friday, I got to tour an offset printing facility with one of my classes. I couldn’t take any photos because of their non-disclosure agreements with clients, but it was such a cool experience! I loved seeing the behind the scenes and getting a little better understanding of how that industry works.

While we were there, they were printing the ballots for November’s election at a rate of 10,000 ballots/hour/press- pretty amazing! It was fun to see the ballots lying there in giant stacks, waiting for us to determine the fate of our country for the next four years. {Okay- after voting in 4 presidential elections I’m not really that naive anymore, but I’m still fascinated by the process :)} The man running the press explained to us that even though it was a one-color job, it was important to watch out for any stray ink spots that could register as a vote.

The printing industry is so interesting and I love learning about it from at-home screen printing up to million dollar budgets. Like with learning anything, I’m finding the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. There’s so much beyond hitting print and hoping for the best with my Epson!

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typography portrait…


typography type portrait

//Typography portrait and the image it was based on//

One of my recent school projects was to make a typography portrait. The assignment was to re-create ourselves using characters as a way to become more familiar with different type faces and really familiarize ourselves letter shapes. Every part of this is done with a letter or symbol and a variety of fonts. Since I started my graphic design program, I have fallen even more in love with typography and learning all I can about it.

I’ve decided I want to share more school projects on here, I think it will be good motivation for me! The photo it was based on is from a guest post I did over on Adrian Loves Owls last spring.

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another cat sweater D.I.Y.


Remember last fall when I was going crazy with elbow patches? I was thinking that as much as I love the kitty patches, what I really need is a sweater with a giant cat on the front. Who doesn’t, right?

cat sweater d.i.y.

You can draw whatever shape you want, or I included a template if you want the cat silhouette. A pattern cut out of an 11″ X 8.5″ piece of paper seems to be the perfect size for the front of a sweater.

cat sweater DIY

Other supplies needed:

  • a sweater in need of a make-over
  • felt (or another no-fray fabric)
  • embroidery floss
  • fabric glue

After cutting out your pattern piece, try on the sweater and pin your shape where you want it.

Place a piece of paper inside the sweater and lightly glue the pattern to the sweater. The paper will prevent the glue from soaking through to the back. Just use a small amount of glue to keep it stable, and don’t go all the way to the edge or it will be hard to get the needle through.

After your glue has dried, hand stitch around the edge with the embroidery floss. It would be cute to add a face and whiskers too, but since I’m not the best at drawing I decided to keep it simple.

cat sweater diy

It’s been a windy weekend :)

cat sweater diy

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