Cats Rule Everything Around Me


cats rule everything around me patch

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago on a super moody day- it looks so wintery compared to the perpetual sun I see every day, yet it was obviously still warm enough for bare legs and a light jacket… so not so wintery after all.

When I thrifted this jacket I immediately knew it needed a patch on the back. After a few minutes of a never-ending search of the word “patch” on Etsy, I typed in “cats rule everything around me patch” and because the people of Etsy rule- this popped up. Done.

cats rule everything around me

cats rule everything around me patch

dress, jacket, shoes: thrifted
patch: Black Lodge Press on Etsy
Rose Quartz necklace: in my shop

cats rule everything around me patch

This post is also an obituary to these shoes. I recently thrifted them and in the hour I was wearing them around the house and taking these photos, the soles literally started disintegrating and leaving their remains with each step. Bummer too, because I’m on a loafer kick and they were really comfortable. But, it’s better than the time a couple years ago when I wore vintage sandals to class and a sole fell off as I was walking back to my car- ah the occasional pitfall of 2nd hand.

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Inspired by: Pattern Design


Inspired by: Pattern Design

1// Rhianna Ellington- Website | Instagram

2// Laura Redburn- Website | Blog | Instagram

3// Andrea Lauren- Website | Instagram

4// Lisa Edoff- Website | Instagram

This week’s Inspired By is dedicated to pattern designers. As much as I love geometric and striped patterns, these illustration patterns are fun and colorful, and I love seeing the resulting unique accessories like phone cases, fabrics, and scarves. I follow all of these rad lady designers on Instagram and/or Twitter and I always enjoy seeing their new work!

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Sunny Side Up


Fried egg sweater DIY

I recently got the urge to DIY a thrifted sweater with a felt egg patch. I don’t know, sometimes the crafting urges strike and you just have to follow them. I wanted to pair the sweater with a colorful dress, and the bird print was unintentional, but a perfect match up with the egg. Which came first? I guess in this case it was the egg.

Fried egg sweater DIY

Fried egg sweater DIY

Fried egg sweater DIY

sweater: thrifted + DIY
bird dress: ebay
boots: Steve Madden

Fried egg sweater DIY

They egg project turned out to be pretty addicting- I even made a few more for the shop. They are all thrifted sweaters, with hand-stitched patches I made out of felt made from recycled plastic bottles- you can find them here, here, and here. Sometimes you just need a fried egg to help stay warm, ya know? ;)

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Inspired by: Brogues


Inspired by: Oxford shoes

1// Silver glitter from ASOS
2// Fringe Faux Patent Leather from ASOS
3// Paint Splattered from Lulu’s
4// Black and White from ModCloth
5// Vintage from Etsy (go snag these if you’re a 7.5!)

For this weeks Inspired by, we’re going in the sartorial direction with some shoe faves. I definitely have your cliche shoe addiction and often build my outfits up starting from the shoes I feel like wearing. I am currently obsessed with brogues- especially ones with a chunky heel, lending me an extra inch or two, but still comfortable for walking around.

This is a mix of mostly new and one vintage- but the great thing about this style is that it’s pretty timeless and you can often find a more neutral pair thrifting or on Etsy and ebay.

What about you- do you have a current shoe crush?

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It’s Such a Pizza Day


White oxford shoes

Last night was the night. The night I got to see Macaulay Culkin sing songs about pizza. We were originally going to last night’s show to see Har Mar Superstar for our 3rd time, but finding out that The Pizza Underground was opening was the icing on the cake. I am one of those people that was just stupidly excited to see Macaulay Culkin in real life, but I swear I kept that excitement on the inside (mostly). Like I wasn’t one of the jerks shouting Home Alone quotes or wearing a Kevin McCallister mask. They were super entertaining, passed out free pizza, and the songs were really funny so it was even better than I expected.

White oxford shoes

White oxford shoes

White oxford shoes

shirts, jeans, chair: thrifted
shoes: Etsy vintage shop
brooch: Andsmile on Etsy

thrifted peacock chair
Vintage White Oxford Shoes

As for the outfit, this has been a current favorite- as in “oh, I’ll just wear this outfit that’s on the floor from yesterday because I like it”. It’s all 2nd hand except for the brooch, which is handmade, so that’s another plus. I bought this brooch with an Etsy gift card I got for my birthday (thanks sis!)- I fell in love with the brooches from Andsmile after following Viktorija on Instagram. And I’m going to bring it full circle because one of my favorite quotes from Home Alone is Mitch Murphy’s “bring me back something French”, and this pin is a cute French dude drinking wine. Bam.

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