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Sweet and Sour Vintage dress

Last Saturday I was all dressed up with no place to go. I couldn’t wait for a fancy shindig to wear this gorgeous dress from Sweet & Sour Vintage, so Brian and I took a drive up the mountain to snap some pics. We went to a spot that he often drives up to on his lunch break, and we made it just before sunset.

This dress is the perfect addition to my vintage collection. The blue and white fabric has a unique pattern and texture, and it’s thick enough to give this dress structure. Sometimes a shift or A line dress of this length can be an unflattering silhouette, but this one has a nice shape to it. The lacy trim, mini rhinestones, and neck details made me feel ready for a night on the town, so go ahead and start sending those cocktail party invitations my way!




As you can see from my hair, I was battling the wind, which is normal this time of year. At least the cut of this dress isn’t a risky style for windy days, it stayed perfectly in place- while my bangs were a different story…

vintage dress: c/o Sweet & Sour Vintage
vintage brooch: present from Brian
vintage bag: thrifted
shoes: Chelsea Crew via Ruche


Did you see the blood moon last night? Brian was nice enough to wake me up for it, since I’m 100 years old and was falling asleep by 10. I stumbled outside to ooh and aah for a few minutes before hitting the hay again. Very cool.

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Sweet and Sour Vintage


Sweet and Sour Vintage Etsy

Today I have a special interview with Natalie from Sweet and Sour Vintage. Natalie and I recently connected on Instagram- just another example of how awesome social media can be! She has the prettiest collection of vintage dresses in her shop, some that made me wish I still had my wedding coming up. I thought it would be fun to get a little glimpse into her Etsy shop, and see behind the scenes of a vintage seller.


Tell us a little about yourself
Hey there, my name’s Natalie Galasso :). I’m from northern New Jersey, right outside NYC. I’ve lived and worked in the NY/NJ area my whole life and am a total east coaster! Aside from doing my shop, I work part-time for my sister Christine’s fashion and beauty PR firm, Kip PR, doing copywriting, some social media stuff and the occasional model casting. My degree however is in English and Art History and I plan on getting my masters in library science. I’ve always loved research, art, history and pop culture and the way they intersect with fashion, which is part of the reason I love vintage (it’s also just fun and stylish to wear). In my spare time, I enjoy discovering new music, reading, watching films, hanging out with my boyfriend, walking my pug and of course, thrifting.

Sweet and Sour Vintage Etsy

Why did you start your vintage shop?
I started my vintage shop as a fluke, really. I had no plan and no idea what I was doing and was not that familiar with Etsy. I’ve been collecting vintage pieces since I was in middle school and had a ton of it spilling into the kitchen of my old apartment. I thought I’d make some money and clear my apt. by selling some of it, and settled on etsy as my selling venue at the tail end of 2010. I liked that it was cleaner looking than ebay and user friendly. I sold the first thing I posted within a day and thought, I can do this! So, I started thrifting for items I just liked and posting them and continued to sell. I started getting models to help and hired photographers and the look of my shop improved vastly.

What is your favorite part of running the shop? What does a typical work day look like?
My favorite part of doing the shop without a doubt is the thrifting for items. I get such a thrill out of discovering beautiful, forgotten things. I also really enjoy styling the models when I’m not stressed out at shoots. It’s fun to reimagine old things and interpret them in a cooler, more modern way and see then come to life on a girl. I also really enjoy altering vintage pieces to make them more modern while still preserving their beauty and aged look.

A typical work day consists of mostly doing work for my sister on my laptop from home and looking for more part-time work currently. I don’t sell enough on a weekly basis to have stuff to do for the shop all the time, but I’m always tweaking listings, thinking up new ideas, organizing another shoot and keeping my eyes peeled for pretty vintage goodies.


Is there a piece in your personal vintage collection you couldn’t bear to part with?
There have been a couple of pieces that were hard to part with, mostly the items that were in my family, but I also really loved this dress. I bought it years ago and displayed it in my room and managed to clean and repair it enough to sell it. I loved the way the photos by Kerri Sullivan came out for it and Lorelle, the model, looked picture perfect in it, especially with her great hair and makeup. It was featured by Etsy in a Wedding Finds email and I think it speaks to the style of my shop more than anything else I sell or have sold. It was sold to a girl who was wearing it for a party and/or a performance because she was a singer in a band in Europe, which is exciting.


Any tips for new Etsy sellers (like myself!) or sellers trying to grow their shop?
The only tips I have for newbie Etsy sellers, even though I feel I’m in no position to give advice seeing as how my shop doesn’t sell that much in volume, is to first and foremost take part in the Etsy community of sellers. They’re invaluable for support and advice. Secondly, have good pictures! If you aren’t gifted photographically like me (hire a talented friend or real photog who can help). Ever since my photos have improved, I’ve had items featured by Etsy, more blog and press mentions and have gotten into better markets to sell.

Thank you so much Natalie!

Make sure you check out Sweet and Sour Vintage on Etsy and favorite the shop so you can be the first to know when Natalie adds new goodies!

Photos by Kerri Sullivan and Christopher Flanegan

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Stylish Surprise


Modcloth Stylish Surprise

The ModCloth Stylish Surprise pieces have been making their way around blog land, and I’m finally going to share one of mine today. In case you haven’t heard of this- every once in awhile Modcloth offers up a mystery sale where you spend $10 and they send you a surprise item in your size. Last time I participated was years ago and it was a total bust, but I decided to go for it again and was super happy with what I got this time around.

They sent me this dress and a super cute pair of Chelsea Crew heels, that are unfortunately too small. The fun part is that I would never order this dress, but I’ve already worn it a few times. It’s good to have the chance to try something outside your element, ya know?



dress: ModCloth
boots: ebay
hat: thrifted
necklace: in my shop
sunnies: F21 (last year)


The first time I put this on, I was telling Brian how weird it is that I feel the most outside my comfort zone when wearing all black when that’s probably the most popular clothing color. It used to have heavy rotation in my wardrobe, but not so much in the last few years. I guess I’m not alone, because Becca said the same thing recently in one of her posts :) As much as I love this dress, when I’m wearing it I kinda feel like I should be the ghost of a bed and breakfast- but that’s probably mostly to blame on the choice of boots and Penny-farthing necklace with black lace…

Did you get in on the Stylish Surprise this time around? What did you get?

Lena B, Actually
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spring snapshots


Arizona spring



Arizona spring


I spend more time than I’d like to admit thinking about moving from Arizona, and where we should go next. I really love it here, but on the other hand, I don’t feel completely settled on staying forever- there’s so many places I want to try living. Living in the moment is not my strong suit and I’m often daydreaming about the future. We are both people that love warm temps and sunshine, so the options are definitely limited!

Since moving here 13 years ago, spring has become my favorite time of year. Growing up in Oregon, I was a summer girl through and through- and spring here always reminds me a lot of summers back home. This is the time of year I feel satisfied here and can’t imagine leaving, but in a few weeks I know I will be singing a different tune.

Today we spent a few hours doing yard work- which is not my favorite thing to do. I was appreciating all the plants and greenery, before everything starts becoming dry and thirsty, and snapping some photos to make the work more fun. I am not a green thumb by nature and over the past few years of living in our house, and by lots of trial and error, have finally found some sturdy plants that are nearly impossible for me to kill :)

What about you? Do you feel totally happy where you live or do you dream of trying out other places?

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What to Wear: accessories


what to wear

It’s funny that on the day we’re supposed to highlight our love for accessories, I post one of my least accessorized outfits. But hear me out. I decided to spotlight one of my favorite accessories- the scarf. There’s never a shortage of pretty scarves at the thrift stores, and I love turning to them for an extra pop of color and pattern to an outfit. This especially comes in handy in the summer when layers are out of the questions and ponytails happen almost every day.


And while we’re on the subject of accessories, I’ve added some new jewelry to the shop, like these mineral and shape necklace. I think it’s a good time for a spring sale, don’t you? Take 20% off through Sunday with the code SPRING20!

I’m also over on Flock Together styling up Jessica’s amazing space skirt. You may have noticed we took a little break in March, but now we are back, feeling refreshed, and swapping away.

As always, if you want to join in on the link-up fun, head over to Gypsy in Jasper to show off your accessories, Nicole did a fun round up of her faves!

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