Handmade Tiki Dress

This time of year is so gorgeous I just want to be outside as much as possible. I also notice that I go into a bit of panic mode, knowing that soon it will be impossible to hang out outside unless you’re in a pool- it’s like trying to overdose on fresh air to make it through the summer.

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vintage outfits
Vintage outfits

Brian’s outfit: vintage- thrifted
Dress: vintage via Shop Whurl (amazing new app for us vintage lovers!)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Brooch: vintage

Last weekend was our anniversary so I thought I’d pop in with a couple of dorky pics of us and an orange from a wedding we went to a couple weeks ago. It was at a science research station in the middle of nowhere. Like really the middle of nowhere- the drive led us in to New Mexico and then back to Arizona. We also pulled into the facility late Friday night with literally no gas in our car- it was so rural that none of the neighboring towns had gas stations (although they we did see open bars… go figure), and luckily the research station sold us a few gallons to make it to a town with gas 50 miles away the next day. City folk here.

If you missed it on Instagram I recently died my hair pink, and I blame the internet because I see so many rad looking pink haired ladies on a daily basis. Unfortunately it only stuck in the parts I have highlights, so next time I’m going to need to get it lightened allover since I’m too scared to mess with at-home bleaching. Everything I read said to bleach it first, but I decided to wing it and hope for the best.

Happy spring, everyone! I know the internet loves fall, but this is seriously my favorite time of year! Also, I feel like I should mention that I’m wearing pale pink tights :)

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Spring Cleaning Sale


Etsy Shop Sale

Hey guys! I’m getting a jump on my spring cleaning with my biggest sale in the shop! Take 30% off everything with the code SPRINGCLEAN. There’s vintage & jewelry for all seasons, so go shopping!

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Mermaid Legs


mermaid tights + Swedish Hasbeens

My “Style” board is definitely the board that gets the most use on Pinterest (with Design & Illustration close behind), but rarely to I actually click through and buy something. I mostly use it for inspiration, and look for new ways to put together pieces I already have.

These tights were an exception, because when I clicked the link they were about $5 on ebay. Kind of a no-brainer. Yeah, they aren’t the highest quality, but I’ve worn them a few times without any snags or leaving a trail of glitter, so I’d say I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth.

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St. John, USVI


St. John, US Virgin Islands

It’s been a week since our return from St. John, and I finally got around to sorting through 100’s of photos of that amazingly blue Caribbean water. It was our first trip to the Caribbean and our first beach vacation in years.

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