When the Cat’s Away



Cat Dress Rose Quartz Necklace

cat dress: borrowed from Jessica
rose quartz necklace: in my shop
hat: thrifted
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Last Chance


As much as I try to not be the cat lady that buys every single cat print piece of clothing, sometimes they are just too hard to resist. In this case I got super lucky because Jessica was kind enough to let me borrow this dress, after my not-so-subtle hints.

We are both a part of Flock Together, so borrowing each other’s clothes is nothing new, but this dress wasn’t up for swaps yet when I *may* have commented on this post that I would be all over it once it was. Cut to last Saturday when it arrived as a surprise in the mail. Yeah, she rules- because that was awesome. Now I just have to force myself to be awesome and return it, because it’s the kind of dress that’s so comfy you could wear it every day…

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The End of Summer Cocktail


Raspberry Mint Gin Cocktail

I know from the outside it seems that Phoenix is the home of never-ending summers, but while we do have roughly 300 days a year of sun, we have the desert’s version of winter too.

I moved to Arizona in a November long ago, and I spent my first winter the way a lot of non-natives do- by the pool. My roommate and I would get crazy looks at our apartment as we were sunbathing, but to us the weather felt a whole lot like Oregon summers. It only took me one summer of triple digit days to acclimate and 14 years later I won’t go near a pool once September ends.

Most people around here don’t think twice about telling summer to piss off, but I’m trying to soak in the last of the pool days, watermelons, and fresh cocktails before moving on to apples and pumpkin everything. There’s things I love about each season. This cocktail came from me wandering around the store, grabbing everything that sounded delicious and summery, and mashing it in a glass.

For each drink:

  • 4-5 raspberries
  • a few mint leaves
  • juice from 1/2 lime
  • 1-1.5 oz gin
  • Dry Cucumber Soda

Muddle the mint and raspberries in a shaker. Add the gin, lime juice, and ice, and shake it up. Pour in a glass with more ice, top with cucumber soda, and lightly mix. Garnish with a raspberry & mint leave.

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Hive Mind



The first time I was stung by a bee was on my 10th birthday. The second (and last time) I was stung was on my 11th birthday. This definitely created a bit of a panic in 11 year old me, this was not the kind of birthday tradition I wanted. They left me alone after that and I would say we’ve had a pretty good relationship since then- I respect the work they’re doing and they don’t sting me. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx that.

Joules was kind enough to indulge my novelty print cravings and send me this bee print blouse. Button ups are always great for layering and remixing, and with the subtle pattern and neutral colors, I can tell this one will go a long ways.


Joules bee blouse


top: bee blouse c/o Joules
skirt & necklace: thrifted
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Last Chance ($10!)

I also have good news if you’re a size 7 and live in the US (pretty specific, I know!)… due to a shipping mix up, I have a pair of these adorable floral rain boots in size 7 that Joules is going to give to one of you! And guess what else? They are lined. Yeah, I know, that’s pretty awesome to have shoes that keep your feet dry AND warm while looking cute.

Since this giveaway is pretty limited (US residents only), we are keeping it easy peasy to enter- just leave a comment with your favorite item on the Joules site. That’s it! You have until midnight on Friday the 19th to enter and I’ll randomly select a winner on Saturday. Remember- this is only for a pair in size 7.

Joules Floral Rain Boot

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Bird feeders…



Oh boy, a blog break spurred by not having a computer is not the best of blog breaks! Some idiot (ahem, me…) spilled iced coffee on my laptop last week, and while being computer-less helped me make progress on some projects, it also caused me to fall waaaay behind on others.

The good news is there was no damage- Apple being the amazing place that they are, sent it out for a full exam just to be safe. It came back with a good bill of health and a bonus tune-up to boot. Only sippy cups from now on (shout out Contigo).

Today I just have some pics from a trip down to Tucson last weekend- we went down for the night to see the amazing Maria Bamford, and stopped to feed the animals at the Ostrich Farm on the way.





And when everyone ends up wearing practically the same outfit, you gotta get a photo, amiright? Wow, how may shades of grey can fit in one pic? A lot.

Well I’m off to catch up on your blogs because I’m waaaaay behind!

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White Stripes



Thank you so much for the birthday and shop well wishes! I’ve found that the birthdays after 30 can be stressful, with self-imposed markers of where you think your life should be and all that jazz. I didn’t have any of that anxiety this year, it’s been a year full of making changes and the change has been GOOD.

But, since that day fell on a Tuesday, and life and work got in the way of doing too much celebrating, we went for a day on the town last Sunday. We went to the museum, out for fried food & beers, and even snuck in some outfit pictures by this fun wall. Brian has the best ideas when it comes to photo locations.

Pink Striped Wall


skirt & sandals: thrifted
top: Instagram sale
necklace: in my shop


I never got around to buying these sandals from Target when they were all the rage last summer, but I scored them for $2 last week. Ahhh the power of thrifting.

Lena B, Actually
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