Pattern Mixing with Vintage & Polka Dots


Pattern mixing- vintage dress and polka dots

We’re back to regular posts on Flock Together and a new member! Today I’m over there with a windy day pattern mixing in a vintage dress borrowed from Elana and polka dots…

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Los Angeles via Instagram


Los Angeles Instagram Photos

Sometimes sorting through vacation photos for the blog can be so daunting I find myself just trying to hide from my computer and the internet for days. But I always regret when I don’t post about a vacation- the best part of blogging is being able to look back the highlights over the years. So instead of putting it off until it’s a distant memory, I decided to summarize our week in LA with my phone pics, that you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram.

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Walking Around Silver Lake


Silver Lake Outfit & Swedish Hasbeens

Happy new year! 2015 has been off to a good start, although I am having a really hard time getting back on track after 12 days off! Making the to-do and goal lists was the easy part, now to get my butt in gear…

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Vintage Holiday Outfit


Vintage holiday outfit

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Thrifting a Holiday Outfit with Savers


Thrifting a holiday outfit

As part 2 of my holiday collaboration with Savers, they armed me with a gift certificate to thrift pieces for a holiday outfit. I thought I would find some separates, or maybe even a cute dress, to combine with clothes already in my closet, so even I was surprised at finding this entire outfit (minus the tights) in one hour in the store. I even found two holiday wardrobe staples for this look- patent leather (the boots) and velvet (the skirt).

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