Bolt from the Blue


Polka dots

As much as I consider myself “lover of all the colors”, I am on a downward spiral towards my whole world turning blue. Wait… does a downward spiral have to be a bad thing? Because I really see nothing wrong with everything being a variation of turquoise.

Proof? I just bought paint to turn a 5th room of my house some variation of blue. It’s always the color I’m drawn to when facing those paint chips, and I figure since it’s alternating with rooms of other colors, maybe no one will notice??

Polka Dot Fit & Flare dress

dress & belt: thrifted
top: F21 (old)
shoes: Blowfish (shop my closet sale)


This dress was a t-store score- it happened to hold the magical colored tag of Goodwill’s dollar day. Yes, you read that right- this dress was passed by at Goodwill so many times that it was marked down to $1. I don’t get it either. Neither did the other lady in line that was freaking out that she missed it. Then she turned an about face and said how perfect for me it was, and that made me suspicious of a whole “keep your enemies closer so you can steal their dress in the parking lot” situation. Luckily, the dress and I are both fine, and my suspicions have subsided.

Do you ever fear the safety of your good thrift store scores from other crazy shoppers?

I’m over on Flock Together this weekend too, if you want to head on over there to see how I styled Hannah’s Hawaiian print top!

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The Best Cat Hack Ever


Cat Hacks

A couple of months ago, curiosity got the best of me and I clicked a Buzzfeed link for 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier. Because I have a cat that loves to walk across my laptop as I’m trying to work, number 15 especially caught my attention- to put a shallow box next to the computer for the cat to lay in. I don’t know why this never crossed my mind before- it’s no secret that cats will get in to any box.

This is seriously the most GENIOUS HACK EVER. He loves this box, and lays in it all day next to me while I’m working. He even sleeps there all night sometimes. These were all taken on different days (try to ignore the messy table!), in some of his favorite positions- the most common being the ones that look the most awkward (hello pic 1!) How is that even comfortable??

Seriously a life saver for anyone with codependent cats :)

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Jockey for Position



These photos were taken in between one of the crazy rain storms we’ve had the last couple weeks, hence the moody skies and bright green, fluffy grass that you rarely see at our desert home. We had our wettest day on record and since this city isn’t exactly built for lots of rain, we had flooded freeways, overflowing swimming pools, and cancelled schools.

I’m not complaining- we obviously can use the rain around here, and the cooler temps gave me an opportunity to bust out this horse & jockey print tunic dress from Joules. One handy thing about measuring in at 5’4″ is that a longer tunic can be an official dress, and when I dress has sleeves I like the hem to be on the shorter side. It just feels more balanced for me. I may not be able to reach the top shelf of the cupboards, but the pros and cons even out :)

I’m not one for actual horse races, but I do really dig this preppy spin on a novelty print!


Tunic dress: c/o Joules
Shoes: vintage- Etsy
Bag: vintage- thrifted
Scarf: thrifted
Piano socks: Buffalo Exchange

Joules Horse Print Dress

The winner of the rain boot giveaway was britoct18- congrats!

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When the Cat’s Away



Cat Dress Rose Quartz Necklace

cat dress: borrowed from Jessica
rose quartz necklace: in my shop
hat: thrifted
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Last Chance


As much as I try to not be the cat lady that buys every single cat print piece of clothing, sometimes they are just too hard to resist. In this case I got super lucky because Jessica was kind enough to let me borrow this dress, after my not-so-subtle hints.

We are both a part of Flock Together, so borrowing each other’s clothes is nothing new, but this dress wasn’t up for swaps yet when I *may* have commented on this post that I would be all over it once it was. Cut to last Saturday when it arrived as a surprise in the mail. Yeah, she rules- because that was awesome. Now I just have to force myself to be awesome and return it, because it’s the kind of dress that’s so comfy you could wear it every day…

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The End of Summer Cocktail


Raspberry Mint Gin Cocktail

I know from the outside it seems that Phoenix is the home of never-ending summers, but while we do have roughly 300 days a year of sun, we have the desert’s version of winter too.

I moved to Arizona in a November long ago, and I spent my first winter the way a lot of non-natives do- by the pool. My roommate and I would get crazy looks at our apartment as we were sunbathing, but to us the weather felt a whole lot like Oregon summers. It only took me one summer of triple digit days to acclimate and 14 years later I won’t go near a pool once September ends.

Most people around here don’t think twice about telling summer to piss off, but I’m trying to soak in the last of the pool days, watermelons, and fresh cocktails before moving on to apples and pumpkin everything. There’s things I love about each season. This cocktail came from me wandering around the store, grabbing everything that sounded delicious and summery, and mashing it in a glass.

For each drink:

  • 4-5 raspberries
  • a few mint leaves
  • juice from 1/2 lime
  • 1-1.5 oz gin
  • Dry Cucumber Soda

Muddle the mint and raspberries in a shaker. Add the gin, lime juice, and ice, and shake it up. Pour in a glass with more ice, top with cucumber soda, and lightly mix. Garnish with a raspberry & mint leave.

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