Thrifting a Holiday Outfit with Savers


Thrifting a holiday outfit

As part 2 of my holiday collaboration with Savers, they armed me with a gift certificate to thrift pieces for a holiday outfit. I thought I would find some separates, or maybe even a cute dress, to combine with clothes already in my closet, so even I was surprised at finding this entire outfit (minus the tights) in one hour in the store. I even found two holiday wardrobe staples for this look- patent leather (the boots) and velvet (the skirt).

Thrifting a holiday outfit

Thrifting a holiday outfit
Thrifting a holiday outfit
Thrifted holiday outfit with Savers

We all know there’s a ton of cute holiday party dresses out there, but I can’t help but cringe at the idea of buying something new that I’ll probably wear once- because I can guarantee that I’ll want to wear something different next year. I also love the creative challenge of not knowing what you’re going to find, but putting together an outfit you’re really excited to go out in!

With all the prints and textures going on here, I kept the accessories to a minimum and just finished it off with this bracelet a friend made on a 3-d printer. I’m pretty sure jewelry is the best use for one ;)

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Styling an Ugly Christmas Sweater


Styling an ugly Christmas sweater

I’ve actually never been to an Ugly Sweater party, but I was recently challenged by Savers to style one they sent me with a personal twist. And it was a fun challenge, indeed- these don’t get the moniker “ugly sweater” for nothing!

This one must have originally lit up, as there were wires running through the inside, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to activate that feature :) My first plan of attack was to balance out the boxy cut with a short hemline. I chose this polka dot dress because the white was a good contrast with the dark sweater, and it has a collar and the sweater did not. I added a gold belt and rolled up the sleeves to try and give it a little shape.

Styling an ugly Christmas sweater

Styling an ugly Christmas sweater

Christmas sweater: c/o Savers
dress: c/o Sammy Dress (see it styled here)
shoes: Nordstrom outlet
hat: vintage- my great-grandma’s

Styling an ugly Christmas sweater

What do you think? How would you have styled this sweater? Have you been to any Ugly Sweater parties? If you have one coming up, seriously Savers is the place to go- I went shopping there yesterday and they had a dedicated rack of them!

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Ramble on


Pumpkin Spice Wall

hat, jeans, sweater, jacket: thrifted
bag: estate sale
fox t-shirt: F21
boots: Steve Madden
quartz necklace: in the shop

Pumpkin Spice Wall

This is an unplanned outfit post with iPhone pics from Saturday spent out and about. I had no intentions of posting this outfit, and the photos weren’t even taken with that in mind. We went to a craft fair, did some Christmas shopping, went to the movies, and ate pizza. This wall is from a secret entrance behind the theater- there are roughly 1 million people milling about on the other side. I have the hardest time sitting through most movies lately, which is weird because I used to be obsessed.

This weekend I reconnected with one of my closest friends in my past life and it was so, so good. I had a talk with a local small business owner that was so energizing. I met some cool people at Brian’s work holiday party. I bought plane tickets. I spent a day in my pajamas. I drank hot cider and lots of coffee. It was good.

How was your weekend?

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Tie One On


Vintage Polka Dots

I borrowed this blouse from Katie last month. In my opinion, polka dots are a neutral so I wanted to pair this with everything and had a hard time narrowing it down at first. I don’t wear a lot of brown, and I feel like most the polka dots I own are black and white, so it was fun to work with something a little different. Plus if there’s a bow tie on a blouse, I’m sold.

Vintage Polka Dots
Vintage White Oxfords

top: borrowed from Katie
sweater (J Crew) & skirt (vintage): thrifted
shoes: My Sister’s Closet Vintage on Etsy
brooch: Andsmile on Etsy

Brooch Etsy

I have to confess that we haven’t done an ounce of holiday decorating around our house. It’s not that I’m not in the spirit- I’ve done most of my shopping, I’ve been eating peppermint cookies, and we watched Bill Murray’s Scrooged over the weekend. I guess you could say I’m sort of in the spirit? But at this point it almost seems not worth dragging the boxes out of the attic for only a couple of weeks, and we aren’t spending Christmas eve or day here. I know, I’m the laziest. You’d think a girl that grew up on a Christmas tree farm would have a little more gusto over decorating, huh? ;)

Do you do a lot of holiday decorating around your place? Should I at least put up a strand of lights? :)

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Inspired by: Seasonal {Winter} Cocktails


Inspired by seasonal winter cocktails

1// Apple Spice Bourbon Flip via Apartment 34- with bourbon and a homemade apple spice syrup.

2// Cranberry Bourbon Fizz via Style Me Pretty- with bourbon, grenadine, seltzer water, cranberries, and Star Anise.

3// Gold Rush Cocktail via Garnish with Lemon- with bourbon, ginger liqueur, & lemon juice.

4// Santa’s Little Helper via Aunt Peaches- with bourbon, triple sec, lemon-lime soda, and homemade boozy cranberries.

Click each link for full recipes on the original site.

I know, I know- it’s Monday morning and maybe not the most acceptable time to be “inspired by” booze. BUT, this time of year holiday celebrating is pretty much always on the brain and it never hurts to think ahead (that’s the virgo in me).

I love bourbon year round, but it does have a flavor profile perfect for wintery drink combinations. It’s also perfect in warm drinks like a Hot Toddy or in hot apple cider. And since all the drinks above are bourbon based, you can try all of them without having to buy a bunch of expensive bottles of booze. I was looking out for you- you’re welcome.

I found all of these cocktails via the magic of Pinterest, and having a Happy Hour board comes in handy when I feel like I’m in a cocktail rut. And of course blogs like Shutterbean and A Beautiful Mess always come through with tasty, seasonal drink combinations.

Do you have a favorite drink for this time of year? Non-boozy suggestions are welcome too :)

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