Out with the Old


seahorse shirt

So I’m on major decluttering rampage. It all started as a goal to get my craft room in order, but turns out I’m saving that for last because it will be such a huge job. I spent most of yesterday tackling drawers, closets, and kitchen cupboards and filled the back of my CRV with stuff for Goodwill.

I really respect a minimalist lifestyle, but that will never be me. I’m a collector, I love unique and colorful things. But don’t worry- I like order too much to ever reach hoarder status :) I really made it my mission to pass along things that just aren’t useful or being worn by me anymore. The hard part about cleaning out closed off spaces is that from the surface it doesn’t look like I did anything, so I keep opening doors and drawers to remind myself how much I accomplished. Nothing like constant pats on the back for more motivation…


top: Target- $5 sale last summer
skirt: F21
lady tie: Flapper Girl
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
anchor brooch: thrifted


It’s crazy to think I moved to Arizona, only with what fit in my Honda Civic and all the things I’ve amassed since then. I swear, moving every year was the perfect solution for keeping your possessions down to the necessities- living in the same place for 6 years has changed everything!

On a lighter note- this top is covered in pink seahorses, so of course it is staying in my closet (for now…)!

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Free Range


ASOS animal crop top

If you look closely, you can see the minor damage I did to my right knee from falling down at work. Because apparently that wasn’t just for my days of running around a busy restaurant, but also when I work in an office and trip over computer cords. I guess I will always be entertaining coworkers with my spills. Clumsy for life.



top: ASOS (on sale!)
skirt: vintage- estate sale
hat: F21
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
bracelet: DIY
necklace: in my shop


I never thought I’d be on board with another crop top trend, but unlike the early 2000s, this time around they only see the light of day with high waisted skirts. It’s funny how “never-will-I-ever-wear-that-again” can be modified to “yeah-maybe-I-will-but-I-swear-I’ll-do-it-better-this-time”.

Lena B, Actually
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Oregon Snapshots










Oregon Coast

Here’s some snapshots from our recent trip up to Oregon. You can see why we always try to schedule our trips up there in July, it’s the most beautiful place to be in the summer (in my humble opinion). This was my in-laws first visit to the northwest and I had so much fun showing off my home state. I feel so lucky to be from such an amazing, green, creative, and beautiful place and seeing others excitement for it made it extra fun. They were really blown away by the forests.

We spent a few days in Eugene, headed to the coast for a couple of days- on what may have been the most perfect day ever on the Oregon Coast, I showed them where I grew up, and wandered around Portland for a day. We also celebrated the double retirement of mine and Brian’s moms- a big congrats to them! :)

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On the Rails



I really was born to travel. As far back as I can remember, I had dreams of driving through every state, flying to far away countries, and learning different languages- although that last goal changed after a few Spanish classes and realizing how hard it is ;) I feel so lucky to have found my match in someone that feels the same way, and is up for every possible vacation opportunity.

We travel to Oregon at least once a year to visit my family, and even though there’s the restfulness of a trip “home”, there’s still the excitement of finding new things to do, places to eat, and sites to see.

We drive by these tracks in Eugene on the way from my mom’s house to downtown. Obviously these aren’t passenger trains, but there is still one that goes through Eugene, and it got me thinking about train travel. We don’t even have an Amtrak stop in Phoenix, but I love the ease of traveling by train in Europe and the east coast and wish we had that option for quick trips.

Eugene train tracks



scarf & necklace: thrifted
dress: Buffalo Exchange
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
sunnies: F21


Do you travel by train much where you live?

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Happy Hour with Chantilly


NYC with Chantilly

When we were in NYC a couple weeks ago I got to meet up with Chantilly for some afternoon drinks. She was one of the first friends I made through blogging, and when I found out we were going to be there this summer I wanted to make a point to meet for the first time. We even ended up wearing the same shoes!

While the friends I was traveling with hit up Katz’s Deli for lunch, I snuck away for some margaritas with Chantilly. It was a quick meet up, but we talked a lot, had a few drinks, and even managed to squeeze in some photos. It was a new experience for me to take outfit pictures in the city with so many people walking by, and I definitely had some awkward moments, but Chantilly was a pro :) It was so much fun- I wish we had more time!


A big thank you to Chantilly for all of the photos! To see more of our day together, check out her style post here, or her recap here.

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